Interweave Knits – help me out here!

Ok. I wasn’t going to blog this whole issue, but am so fed up… and now am curious if anyone else has had huge problems with the international subscription offer with Interweave Knits?

I bought a subscription June 6…you may wonder at the fact that I know the exact date, but read on…hoping to get the magazine at the start of the summer and knit Ginevra Martin’s beautiful Midsummer Aran.

It is now exactly two months later and a good 10+ emails to try and find out what has happened to my first issue!! Grrrr.

Needless to say I have cancelled the subscription but am now having to start a new email mega-thread to try and get all my money refunded as they are trying to get away with only refunding $16.00 US. I paid $32.00 and haven’t received a thing.

To make it worse, the customer service team isn’t bothering to read through the full thread of emails to see what has actually gone on and are ineffectually responding only to the last one.

Has anyone else had troubles with the international subscriptions, or is it just me?


**update – I have just been told by a lovely someone that they know many people who have had troubles with the international subscription process! So if you are thinking of going that route and you are NOT in the US, don’t bother. Buy it at your LYS and save yourself a world of pain.


12 thoughts on “Interweave Knits – help me out here!

  1. What a bummer! I haven’t had an Interweave subscription for a few years, but I do remember that even in the US, they took a while to get things going – a couple months before receiving the first issue. I think it’s just too big a company – but not big enough to have a seamless operation, apparently. By contrast, I renewed the Burda sewing magazine I get from Germany about 3 weeks before my subscription expired, and sent them an email asking to not skip an issue if possible, and they emailed me back the next day saying no issues would be missed!

    • It isn’t so much the fact that the issue hasn’t arrived and it is nearly the end of summer (so no point in having those patterns now, anyway. though I may still do the jumper in this post in a wool for winter) – it is their absolute lack of customer service that is upsetting me.

      It is taking nearly a week to get an email response back each time and then they haven’t even taken the time to look into the issue properly.

      It is infuriating!

  2. Ugh bad customer service is the worst. Really gets my goat lol. My sympathies. I am having a similarly infuriating email exchange with a company atm too. Ugh!

    • Sorry to hear it! Why is it that some companies can’t grasp the concept of good customer service, but others – like the new yarn supplier I have just started using that has AMAZING service – really get it?? It makes all the difference to me.

      Another yarn mill that I was testing has lovely yarns, but their communication service is non existent. To me, that is an automatic NO. (which really irritates me because they have a blend I can’t find elsewhere that I really like. Hah!)

  3. It’s your lucky day, honey. I have this issue – which I took out in e-mag format – from the library. (Yeah, I just figured out I could do this so now I can get all of the current knit mags for free?! And it’s legal.) Would you like me to print a copy of the instructions and either a) scan it and then email it (if I can do this) or b) print and post it to you? I don’t believe I can actually digitally reproduce the content directly so I can’t just save the file and send it by email all in one step. Email me and we can talk more.

    • Aw, thank you’re so sweet! I actually went out and just bought a damn copy yesterday as was so fed up!!! Can you believe they STILL haven’t responded about why they haven’t refunded me in full? Unbelievable.

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