Goin’ it oldschool

Feeling super eco-smug as I have just, single-handedly saved all the dull scissors in the house. *cue triumphant trumpets!*

The smugness is compounded tenfold by the fact that to do so meant braving what my partner dubbed ‘The Shed of a Thousand Eyes’ – and all the spiders it contains – to get the honing stone that I put out there more than a year ago (after picking it up for a couple quid in a yard sale – packrat much? But see? It came in handy! hah).

Thought I’d ruined my good knitting scissors cutting ancient silk off a vintage spool and was bricking it. I started to google ‘scissor sharpening’, as one does, and found this fab video from Expert Village:

This is the honing stone I used:
I couldn’t believe how easy and quick it was to get my swan scissors back up to lethal sharpness (just the way I love them)! HOOray!
It was so satisfying that I promptly hunted down all the scissors in the house and sharpened them too!

If you have dull scissors kicking about the house I highly recommend giving this a try. It is SO easy and quick. I just googled it and a honing stone can cost you as little as £3.50. Worth it to keep your crafting tools sharp an prolong their lives!

And of course it cuts down on all those perfectly good scissors that end up in landfill every year. (eco-smugness again. Sorry, sorry!) 😉

6 thoughts on “Goin’ it oldschool

  1. I have my Dad’s honing stone somewhere in my studio (hmmm… I might even have an idea where!) Thank you for the video! I’m getting my scissors from around the house and we’ll just see what that stone does. Great idea!

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