Summer Garland

Another inspiration post today! For those of you who missed this, a cute new Pickles pattern went up on their site a few weeks ago.

This one is a fairly simple colourwork project and might be a good one for a first large-scale fairisle project as it is in DK…? Not sure if that will make it easier, but it might. The yarn they are using is a 30% merino 70% cotton so would be light enough for summer wear, but this would be super cute as a layering piece for winter as well.

I am very tempted to cast on for this as I think the larger blocks of colour might make for easier tension control and I happen to have just the right amount of a Merino/Bamboo I can dye for it. Can you see it in grey/natural? Or mint/natural…or duck egg/grey???? Yum.

I have set myself the goal of making a few colourwork Christmas balls from Arne & Carlos’ Knitting Christmas Balls book for colourwork practice, and have finally dyed some single ply fingering I had earmarked for it!
Unfortunately reds are proving incredibly difficult to photograph, so you will just have to take it from me- the hue is a vibrant, juicy cherry red!


6 thoughts on “Summer Garland

  1. That top looks really cute and I love all the Christmas balls! Be careful with the top though, I’ve found that it’s harder to properly tension the long floats over long blocks of colour then smaller blocks of colour.

  2. I think that top would look very pretty in the mint/natural color combo. Good luck if you decide to cast on! I haven’t really attempted any colorwork yet.

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