On top of the world

I have been keeping the blog knit focussed since I started, but thought some of you might get a laugh out of this post – especially those of you that know me personally!

Those of you following along on Twitter might have noticed me posting some images that weren’t very ‘London’ last week – we took a much-needed weeklong break up in the Lake District. As a west coast Canadian living in the greyness of London I frequently find myself in what I always refer to as ‘green withdrawal’ and this was an attempt to soothe the pangs of longing!

We lucked into a couple of amazing walks and I thought I would post some photos of the funniest one. Funny mostly because I completely bricked it and had to forgo my dreams of reaching a peak! ;-D

This is us up a mountain called Kirkstone Pass in Cumbria. Unbeknownst to me until I just looked it up now, it is the highest peak in the Lake District at an elevation of 1,489 feet! We lucked upon it as we were driving one day and decided we would come back the following morning and take a walk up for the views. This is before I completely lost my nerve…


this is the view behind us in the picture above:

Rounding a corner and this was what we were looking at, almost sheer drops as we neared the peak. As you may notice this photo is bleary. I was getting a touch of vertigo and this is the point I realised I’d better sit down! The white building you can see at the bottom is the 500 year old Kirkstone Pass Inn, where we stopped for a rewarding pint when we reached the bottom.

There were a few others on the trail who mentioned that it got quite a bit steeper right around the bend, so I decided to call it and have lunch in comfort on this somewhat larger ledge and wait for Jason to finish the last leg of the climb! Not great when you are climbing wet, slippery stone!


The view on this ledge was AMAZING, though the image below shows you how we were actually above the cloud line which is why those amazing clouds and shadows on the land below were so disorienting as they moved all around us. I have always gotten motion sickness and this was a similar feeling of having everything spin!


After about 15 mins I managed to get a grip on the nausea and finally started to enjoy just looking at the magnificent view. Off in the distance you can see the coast, which someone told us is Morecamb Bay. It is amazing how lush and saturated the greens are in this area. Some of the grass is fluorescent and unbelievably picturesque with its sprinkling of livestock and the ever-present sheep. Even up on the mountain you could hear the occasional ‘baaaa’ and Jason said there were even some hardy Jacobs on the peak! At least I think they are Jacobs…

So, surrounded by sheep, maybe it is a little understandable that I was sitting up in this amazing place and all I could thing of was ‘WHY didn’t I put the knitting in my bag’?? Talk about the perfect place to knit.   ;-D


13 thoughts on “On top of the world

  1. Haha. Amazing. I will admit to having stashed a sock in progress in my bag on hiking and camping trips. L always wonders why, and I always find the time to knit. Another bonus to socks!

    Those views are amazing. We went to the Lake District when I was a kid and hiked all over the place. Lately I’ve been having serious pangs to go back, and these photos just make those stronger.

  2. 🙂 thank you for sharing this linda! i loved going on a hike with you this morning, a really gorgeous hike! so funny though, all along i was thinking i wonder if shes brought her knitting? 😉

    • Aw, you are just the sweetest! I am trying to get over my resistance to showing my face online and am pushing myself to post more images of my HEAD! 😉

      You know what killed me when I was up there? I had taken my knitting out of my bag before heading up the hill – figuring I wouldn’t have time. Just goes to show…

  3. What a beautiful place you have shared! {chuckling} I do the same thing…when I am so still, my hands want to have my yarn and sticks 🙂 m.

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