I am a little behind in blogging my projects as am powering through with dyeing and getting the shop set up – nearly there – but am trying to catch up on the posts now!

I had Relax finished in time for our trip to Hastings a while ago now and figured we would find some interesting photoshoot backdrops as the place is so picturesque in a run down, weathered kind of way (which I love), so we took the camera out early one morning and came across the old Pier at low tide.  I could have stayed down there all day, it was so gorgeous! All barnacles, rust and blue sky peeking out of the grid-like struts. It was like living in a (good) drawing with all the perspective lines around us!

Unfortunately we had only been shooting for a couple of minutes before my old Lumix battery died! 7 years old, I think the battery has seen its last as it is no longer holding a full charge. I nearly had a fit from the frustration! Hiss! Grrr!

When I got home and loaded up the pictures I saw that we did manage to get a couple of decent shots which were usable. Thankfully.

I found this pattern a gentle meditative knit, which was a pleasant surprise. It is clear, easy and well-written – thank you Ririko!

I only made a couple of mods, one of which was unintentional! Instead of doing 1×1 garter rib for the hem and sleeves I did 1×1 rib as I misread the directions and missed the alternating knit row at the hem! A bit of a shame, as I really like this detail on the original, but hey ho…such is life (actually I am not sure this is called garter rib, but that is what it would look like – a bar of knit stitches and then a bar of garter.)

I didn’t change needle sizes, and just used the same 3.5mm for everything. Oh, and of course I used a Bias Bind Off on the front neck, as mentioned previously. I flipped the body inside out after knitting it in the round (I still can’t convince myself of the need for seaming, especially in fingering weight yarn) and knit the sleeves stockinette for a subtle contrast. I love how the reverse stockinette looks in this semi-solid yarn and it knit up so evenly I didn’t even block this before wearing! I just gave it a light steam on the ribbing and was ready to go. This was a first for me…this yarn is a star!

Fingers crossed, I will be getting skeins of this BFL/Silk up in the shop for the end of the week and will let you all know when it is live! Exciting.

Oh, and out of sheer stubbornness I turned the camera back on again later in the day, hoping to be able to document the crazy, grubby alley we found behind the old, abandoned Hastings and St Leonards Observer building…and it worked! Here is another picture of me WITH head making one of my funny faces.


I had to try the lock…wouldn’t you? 😉

ps. What do you think of the new banner? Better, no?


6 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Ooh, I do like your new header! I like your new sweater too! And your skirt! And it’s nice to see your face! Super exciting that you’re getting ready to release this yarn!

  2. Yay for face shots! You’re so pretty, you shouldn’t hide it! 🙂 I really love the understated gracefulness of grey. So beautiful! I’m intrigued by the bias bind off and the sound of the yummy yarn. 🙂

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