Silky Camels

I promised to do some posts on the ‘staple’ yarn bases that I have chosen as regulars in the shop, so today’s is on my Rolls Royce blend – the exquisite WESTMINSTER – 50% Baby Camel/ 50% Silk.

I have somewhat tongue-in-cheek-ily named the regular bases after London boroughs that match their ‘personality’. This one is after the borough that houses Buckingham Palace as it is fit for royal offspring…ahem. ;-P

An even split of the softest baby camel and silk gives this blend the cool, heavy drape of silk with a rich, warm halo of camel – the best of both worlds. The lusciousness of this yarn is very hard to describe in words, but once you have felt it you’ll know – nothing else compares. It is simultaneously meltingly soft, weighty and amazing.

One of the most luxurious blends on the market, camel/silk also takes colour like no other yarn. Dye gains a glowing richness that just takes your breath away and I find myself getting lost in the painterly way the glazed dye ‘takes’ on this yarn. As a result these colourways are more variegated than my normal technique, but in closely toned colours to avoid jarring colour changes.

Though it appears delicate, this blend is actually a fantastic performer in my abrasion tests. The gold swatch below is AFTER repeated scrubbing, yanking, rubbing and other abuse and as you can see any light pilling has shaved off clean with no damage to the fibres beneath. You will hear me banging on about wear constantly as I feature my staple bases. Sourcing ethical, hardwearing blends was a must for me – I want your projects to last for decades AND look/feel good doing it! And of course we want to make sure our furry friends that supply us with the fibres are treated with love.

This is one of my most expensive bases, so I am only able to get it in small amounts at the moment. A couple of lucky ladies re-homed my first couple of skeins within days, so I painted up the last of my first shipment and added them to the shop yesterday. Click on the gallery below for close ups or head to the shop for multiple views.


Not to be a yarn enabler, but if you have never tried this blend, it might be an idea to splurge on a skein of this with your Purlside 15% discount and giving it a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Email me to sign up to the mailing list for the coupon code if you haven’t already.

I do have to send out a tiny apology to those who have ordered already as I have had to ship your yarn-babies without proper labels as my marketing materials have not yet arrived from the printers! Hopefully they will be here this week. If you have any questions at all, just email or tweet me @KettleYarnCo.

The shop has now been officially live for just over 5 days and I am so happy to say that orders are keeping me hopping! Thanks, once again, to all of you for your ongoing support and generosity. I am truly touched.


13 thoughts on “Silky Camels

  1. These look so scrumptious I can almost feel them. I’ll definitely buy some when I’m rich hee hee. You should do a matching series of posts of inspiration with some ideal designs and patterns using each yarn. It would be educational I bet!

  2. This stuff is beautiful. I’m not into the hand of silk, personally, it’s just a drape thing for me – but I can see how lovely this is and how popular it will be! I’ve checked out your shop and I’m sure, next time I’m in the mood for some fab yarn, I’ll be back! Good job on starting this great new business and providing an excellent product.

    • Thanks Kristin. I know what you mean regarding the drape factor. I am going to learn to knit lacy things one day just so I can take advantage of it properly. Have a Boo Knits shawl in mind, but am not quite ready…yet!

    • After my Marin traumas I am ridden with doubt. heh. I have also been looking around and think I might want to pick something simple to let the gentle variations in the yarn really shine. I just want to look at those colours all day, everyday, you know? 😉

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