Twisted goodness

What is it about autumn that screams CABLES??

I’ve had a thing for little, warm knit vests-things since knitting Nightingale in spring. There is something so lovely about being able to throw on something sleeveless to add a cozy bit of extra warmth on a chilly day. I’ve been thinking about knitting Jared Flood’s Redhook, which I have had in my queue for months now and would be the perfect project for my squishy/hardwearing Wimbledon – 100% SW Merino sport, but something has been holding me back.
Then yesterday I was reading Karen (aka the ‘Sweaty Knitter’ and designer of Yarn Pro)’s great blog and she posted a link  to Bonne Marie Burns’ Elisbeth Cardi which I hadn’t seen before and made me go – hmmmmm! I think what has been missing is… CABLES!
Does anyone else find that they start to crave cables around autumn? Every year around this time I start to want a textured, cozy something that looks like it was knitted for a fisherman…but in much softer yarn for my delicate sensibilities (ahem)! ;-P
I started thinking I would add some cables to Redhook, as I already have the pattern, but then I saw  Cerisara by Bonne Marie Burns

…and my hoarding brain turned back to Wimbledon in the Tournament colourway!

How cute is that? And the cables used on this look very similar to the ones I used on my Toasty Friday, which were simple twisted stitches…*drool*.

And of course the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 13 collection has just gone live this week and I couldn’t help but see this cabled beauty,

Coal Cardigan by Veronik Avery…and I JUST HAPPENED to have ordered another kilo of this scrumptiously squishy BFL/Alpaca Aran this week! Gulp.  A thick, soft, squishy superwarm cardi that wraps high around the neck…in maybe a semi-solid rusty brown…?
So many cables, so little time!  What’s a girl to do?
What cabled goods have you queued recently? Can I see?

11 thoughts on “Twisted goodness

      • Cool. The temp dropped from late twenties to early teens overnight 😦 Now it’s so-so. SOme sunshine but a chilly wind. Yes, I like the neck on that cardi too. I think that kind of collar is very flexible. My only concern is the body length. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone knits it a tad longer.

        • Same here – overnight cold! It made me realise that I only have one Aran knit jumper and need about 6 more to cope with British winter in an old Victorian with very little weather proofing. It is strange how this is the 3 year in this house and every year surprises me with how cold it is in here! If the place was ours we’d do some SERIOUS draft excluding.

          We are of the same mind on the length. I’d make it longer too. And without seaming!

  1. Ooooh, I love the Cerisara – do that one! I definitely agree – in fall, I start to think about cables and Fair Isle! This year I’m all about the Fair Isle, but last year it was cables!

    • Oh I never stopped dreaming of fairisle, but I still sort of suck at it, so have not braved a full jumper with even a little fairisle yet. I am such a wimp! 😉

      The Cerisara is sweet, isn’t it? It would suit you.

  2. I got all obsessed with cables a while back and favourited a bunch of patterns on Ravelry. I currently have queued the blackberry cardigan (in burgundy). I still think a rich red cardigan with cabled features is something I have to do though. Too much to knit!

  3. oh dear, i saw the bt lookbook and started dreaming…though i’m still looking forward to wearing a jumper/sweater i finished in the spring and it’s been too warm for. but i don’t have a cable sweater anymore, i think i need one too!

    your wool is gorgeous!

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