All loved up

This past weekend was an exciting one for us – the us being me personally and the company (not the royal us! heh).

If any of you follow the lovely Amy Herzog’s blog, you might have caught my guest appearance there on Friday, smirky face and all!


I took part in Fashion Fridays, a regular post on sweater fitting and decided to feature the length mod I made on my Relax. In the post Amy helps me figure out why the shorter length is better on my frame, and is just her genuinely lovely self!

(The smirky face was the best my partner could get from me, as I despise having my picture taken. As they weren’t hostile like the other shots, these were the winners!) ;-D

THEN the ladies at the Great London Yarn Crawl had a lovely little spotlight on Kettle Yarn Co. as a sponsor of the event. They wrote such lovely things I was truly touched.

AND THEN, completely out of the blue, lovely UK designer Katy at Triskele Designs blindsided me with this amazing post on her blog!

Feeling the love, ladies, and right back atcha!  x


8 thoughts on “All loved up

  1. that is all so cool and so well deserved! i loved reading about you and about your new kettle & co. business. you and your sweater are adorable, I may have to copy! (and hope it looks half as good).

    I have been wanting to write to let you know your burrito (um, yarn, hee hee) arrived. it is absolutly gorgeous, I am treating it like a little yarn baby, I cannot stop cuddling it and petting it. it’s really divine. now I’m not sure what to make with it. what are you doing with yours?

    • Thank you!! Copy away – the pattern is a good one.

      Wah!! I sold mine… ;-D

      I had a very stern talk with myself about yarn hoarding and decided to let it go. Sigh. Have a skein shaped hole in my black little heart.

      (I as assured that it’s new mommy would pet it every day, so feel somewhat better) heh.

      So glad yours arrived safe, I was getting a little worried it had gone astray. Phew.

  2. I saw you on Amy’s Fashion Friday! And almost told my boyfriend that my friend was featured, and then thought maybe that was weird. Anyway, huge congrats! And, as I said before, gorgeous sweater.

    • LOL! I know what you mean!!! It is a bit weird having blog ‘friends’…but then also super nice, isn’t it? Feels like a real community of people who care, even though it is virtual, digital, removed from everyday life etc. etc.

      It still counts.

      Thanks Angela.

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