Pairing, pairing and more pairing…

So my mind has been whirring with choices for the Charm knit-a-long (KAL) and I am still undecided on what yarn(s) to knit mine in. I think it is just the issue of an ’embarrassment of riches’ and having way too many choices. ;-?

But as promised the other day, here are yet more yarn pairs to help you if you are having the same problem…

A strand of this warm golden caramel lace Westminster (Cardamom) held with the BFL/Alpaca light fingering would make for a subtly blended yellow . The fabric quality will be beautifully drapey and very warm. I’d finish the edging with the grey but you could try either.

I have several different shades of yellow dyed up for the update this coming Saturday, and yellow/grey is one of my absolute favourite combos! How about a Kensington mustard yellow (Wells – will be posting this to the shop on Saturday Oct 19th) and an edging in a shimmering Islington grey (Blighty)? The Kensington in the body would be warm and full, while the silky edging would give it a nice finish:


For all us green lovers holding a strand of spongy Falkland (left) with a strand of lighter Bloosmbury green in the crescent will create a lightly marled effect with a thicker, spongy and warm fabric. You could then edge with either the light green lace or the darker fingering.

Then a super luxurious option I have been considering for my mother…a large size in Westminster Butternut with an Islington Blighty edging! Super drapey and luxurious to wrap around and around like a big, warm hug!

I will leave it there for today but will try to get more pairs with the new batch of yarns ready to show you next week! If you missed my past posts on yarn pairing you can see more examples under the ‘yarn pairing’ category. Remember if there is something specific you are after, just email me through the blog and let me know.

Happy planning, all!


6 thoughts on “Pairing, pairing and more pairing…

  1. oh dear, my head is swimming, these are all too lovely. how to choose? i’ve also been knitting, or trying to knit monogamously again, but everyday it’s challenging. a new kal? i’m off to follow your link linda!

  2. Yellow + grey is one of my favorite combos. I haven’t always had a chance to comment on these posts lately (super busy over here!) but I really love them – they’re such eye candy!

    • Me too, so don’t worry, I understand. I have seen your projects but late at night coming up with more than ‘awwrk, pretty!’ to all your beautiful projects is beyond me. 😉

      Love your new flowered dress, though! Still want everything you make… ;-D

    • Thank you, Kristin! No, actually…. The worst part of it for me! I absolutely hate naming things and for years this was one of the worst aspects of having an art practice for me! I should just start naming the yarns ‘untitled 253’…HAH!!


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