Addi interchangeables anyone?

**update: these have sold! Thanks all! **

So for my birthday I got a new set of interchangeable needles so am selling off my older set of Addi lace long tip interchangeables if anyone is interested!

They aren’t even a year old, are in pristine condition and even come with the original box, flyers and ‘packed by’ card straight from the Addi factory:


Retailing for about £80 here in the UK, I will be selling them for £65 + shipping if anyone is interested in  a deal.

These would make a fantastic christmas gift for some knitter out there!


8 thoughts on “Addi interchangeables anyone?

  1. ooh i’m really tempted, i already have a set of addi lace, the first ones they came out with so don’t really need the pretty pink case ones…i might be emailing you…have you switched to another maker? i’m curious what your new needles are!

  2. I cannot tell you how much I want this kit! I just cannot justify the purchase given that I have so many other (non-interchangeable) Addis. If only I knew a serious knitter who would use them, I’d jump on it as a perfect gift!

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