Brioche Hat kit colour combos

Some of you have been wondering what other colours the hat kits will be coming in. Here are the hues I currently have dyed for the kits:
image title

image title

The smaller Twist skeins are the contrast pom pom colours and the kits – yarns and pattern – come in a little gift bag for £22, perfect for gifting to any lucky knitter friends:


The pattern is sized from baby to adult large and I also have some grey Wimbledon Aran superwash drying and hope to dye up some more colours in that this weekend for those little ones who’s hats might need frequent washing!

The pattern is free for a limited time with any purchase of Kettle Yarn Co. Aran yarn.

Please note: this is my first pattern release and I would hugely appreciate any and all feedback! If you find any glitches, or find the wording of anything convoluted PLEASE let me know. I would really like this to be a learning experience so feedback is hugely welcome.  😉

I am not loading these kits to the shop just yet as am taking them to the big Pompom party on Dec 6th, so if you are interested in any of these before the show just email me  and we’ll get it sorted out (button above right)!


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