Shop update with new colourways!

I managed to squeeze in quite a few photos this weekend and am posting a number of the yarns for Friday on the shop…just for the week until the morning of Dec 6th, and then they are off to PARTY! So if you see anything you like, grab them before they go…

I’ve dyed a number of new colourways in the glorious Westminster baby camel/silk:

I’ve also dyed a gazillion little Twist superwash BFL mini skeins and took a quick photo of a handful for the shop:


I am trying a new method of listing – variations – and am hoping it goes smoothly as it doesn’t let you give an indication of how much in each colour is available!  Fingers crossed.

I also decided to try this method for the hat kit and have listed the colours I posted previously this way as well to make it easier for people to order until Friday.

LASTLY …there are also more Islington and Kensington greys going up and a few surprise colours! Phew.

Shop update is today Sunday December 1st at 5pm GMT – check your local time.


7 thoughts on “Shop update with new colourways!

  1. Oh, my… Had decided to go on a yarn diet (thanks, harmonicoscillatorknits, am borrowing this expression from you, just loved it) but now I wonder if that was such a good idea. Maybe I could … hmm … postpone it for a few days? 😉

  2. Look at your labels!

    Also, those mini skeins are calling my name. I have promised to not buy any more yarn for myself before the holidays, so please tell me you’ll still be doing them in the new year!

    • Yes! I decided to go with bands after talking to my LYS staff at some length to get the professional low down on what works best. What a wealth of info I got!! Fantastic ladies at Loop. (Thanks Emma!)

      There are plans for a sock KAL in the new year, so hoping to have these as a regular in the shop with a bunch of fun, and a lot of OOAK colourways. Not to fret!

      • You can 100% sign me up for a sock KAL!

        (And, as an erstwhile LYS employee and ongoing blogger for my LYS, bands are the best tag option.)

        • Ahhhh. Do you work at an LYS as well?? Lucky thing! Yes, they gave me some good tips for taping, etc. Who knew it was all so complex? hah!

          Cissi – thinking Feb sounds about right. Will see what Catherine wants to do…

      • Sock KAL! Yay!! (Good knit-morning, btw! Sleep cleared things out a little, realized there will be LOTS of shawls & hats for the rest of the year. No socks needed until … February?)

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