So Close with the xmas jumper now! I’ve joined the yoke and am in the last stretch of the chart. Very excited but having to keep things a bit slower as the weight of the garment is wreaking havoc with the wrists. I’d truly forgotten how hard working with thicker weights can be on the hands after all my fingering projects.

This being my first Fair Isle jumper I should have probably picked a beginner’s project instead of something that is clearly suggested for experienced colourwork knitters with its long floats! As predicted by looking at the other project pages, I did have some issues with the colourwork on the sleeves and have had to re-do the top bits 4 times, each time trying a new technique to get the gauge closer to the required. On the last go I ended up knitting on DPNs to help keep my tension more even in the small diameter and also went up to the largest size chart on the arms to get more bingo wing room. ;-D

Below is the last attempt on the left and the previous (fail) on the right:


You can see the area I was most irritated by more clearly in the detail shots below. Notice how much the sleeve dips in from a straight line at the sides of the photo? It is a little less on the newer sleeve (bottom) now and the long red floats  are showing through  less on the bit right above the purple stitch marker.


All in all, though, I do feel this has been a good project for me as I have learned a lot about colourwork knitting and now feel much more confident in tackling future projects!

Hoping to get the whole thing finished this weekend, and praying it is going to fit comfortably in the arms with this last attempt. This is going to be one big, warmer than warm sweater!

I will be adding some more Aran weight yarns to the shop in the next week, so keep an eye out for new listings on Twitter and the RSS feed for the shop.



5 thoughts on “Boreal

  1. You could also knit the troublesome parts inside-out. Yes, that means purling, but it also means that the floats will be on the outside of your work and don’t have a chance to pull in.

  2. This looks so good! As much as it sucks to rip and re-knit (and then rip and re-knit again), when you can see the progress you’re making it’s so worth it. You’ll get so much wear out of this sweater. I can’t wait to see it all finished and (I hope) modeled with some festive backdrop 🙂

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