Gentle median

I have been thinking a lot about how to best use the variegated colourways I am adding to the shop and have another pattern suggestion today with Islington – BFL/Silk – in new colourway ‘Light Median‘:


I queued this sweater ages ago and think the graceful simplicity of it would let the gentle variations in the yarn shine:


Think this top would also be particularly stunning in the Westminster – Baby Camel/Silk – variegated hues for an ultra luxurious option. Just imagine it in colourway ‘Jeeves‘! Wouldn’t that be stunning?

2 thoughts on “Gentle median

  1. I have a lot of patterns tagged as “variegated” in my Ravelry favourites because I’m so often drawn to tonal variegation (and sometimes crazy variegation, but usually only for socks). That sweater, with its funnel neck and bracelet-length sleeves, is lovely, and would be so perfect for your yarn.

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