Blown away!

Blown away!

I had the pleasure over the weekend of hearing a glowing review of my TWIST BFL fingering by Louise over at KnitBritish! (Just a note – these skeins were formally TWIST Mini. I’ve removed the ‘mini’ as I discovered this was making people assume the yardage was much less than its generous 200 yards.)

When Louise purchased a skein of the ‘Soot’ colourway a few weeks ago, I had no idea she had plans to review the yarn on her website!


So I  had a pleasant surprise Sunday when I got back to the computer after a dyeing session to see a bunch of Twitter mentions on the podcast. I couldn’t wait to hear what was said so I headed straight over to check it out.

She was recording on a blustery night and I was literally blown away at how pleased  she was with her ‘Soot’ skein. She had the most eloquent descriptions of the yarn that I simply have to share an excerpt with you:

‘…it is sensuous and the colour variations are glowing. Is a dark grey…but there are these highlights of …liquid metal – mercury – just dazzling out. Its more than semi solid it’s burnished with… these lighter metallic tones. It was stunning to look at on the skein…[I] looked at how [the yarn] caught the light and realized a lot of the light was already in it…it wasn’t catching [the light] it was just shining… ‘


Louise has recently started podcasting on her KnitBritish and I thoroughly recommend listening. Her beautifully lilting  accent along with the carefully considered reviews and lovely turns of phrase make the recording a true pleasure to listen to.

*note – the next shop update will be this Sunday at 5pm!


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