Go for gold – support Stonewall

Go for gold – support Stonewall

Many of you will already know this, as I was a bit late getting my blog reading done with the madness around here lately, and so late to the party…!

As a response Winter Olympics, Bristol Ivy and some other designers are grouping together to support various gay, trans, and human rights organisations  in response to the Russian governments ludicrous stance on anyone who is not hetero. All the designers on this list will be donating varying amounts of their pattern proceeds during the Olympics to various charities.

I have personally been doing a boycott of the Olympics since they started due to Russia’s homophobic bullsh*t, as I just can’t bear to support that kind of madness in any form, and when I saw this gesture had to join in…

50% of all sales from my Brioche Hat during the Olympic games will go to UK gay and bisexual rights charity Stonewall. Click on the link above right to purchase and add your own support to a worthy cause! Human rights are for everyone.



2 thoughts on “Go for gold – support Stonewall

  1. Totally agree with you, Linda. Beside the fact that the hat is a hit, that’s a really good reason to fill the world with Brioches. Will just have to get another skein for my … fourth take. Anyone out there ready to challenge me on that?!

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