Praying to the Holy Lace Gods


Things were looking so positive for finishing my Waterlily  this weekend. I’d already frogged a number of times on the lace and decided to frog back the entire back panel to get to a mistake I’d made early on when I was learning the lace chart…but the trauma was over and I was in home stretch. I was determined that I would get everything left done and dusted on Sunday and could start my next project.

Or so I thought until I steam blocked the front and back panels in order to graft the shoulders and saw this:


WTF? Holy Lace Gods, why have you let me down again? What have I done to deserve this??? Well, apparently I missed a row on one side and somehow also managed to mess up the decreases on the left neck! Arrrgh!

Top shows what it SHOULD look like, and bottom is my madness:

Kettle_Yarn_Co_ISLINGTON_Waterlily_neck2 copy

So I frogged. Again. I don’t know what it is with me and lace sometimes. It feels as though I have a complete inability to follow charts at times… and the attention span of a gnat. Sigh.

(sorry gnats – you might even be doing better than me on this front!)



8 thoughts on “Praying to the Holy Lace Gods

  1. Bum, bum and thrice, bum. How frustrating. But some times the knitting just goes horribly wrong, doesn’t it? I leave it for a day or so and potter on with some easy crochet project before trying again. Helps clear the mind and reignite the confidence (“I can make things! I am mighty!”).

  2. Oh, noooo…!! You brave girl, so sorry for you. The only reason I’m sitting here with a big smile is that my attention span is a lot smaller than yours (yes, I’m sure) so I’ll be your gnat companion if you want (the gnats don’t mind). Piece of advice: after third take on the lace, before you start the grafting – practise on something else first!! I didn’t. Now I’m past the point of no return – wouldn’t be able to frog anything at all unless I cut the yarn with a scissor. Just hoping it will fit and look ok in the end (am on the neck ribbon right now.) And have some chocolate. It helps!

  3. Oh that’s proper pants as we say around here, why does one never notice a mistake straight away? I’m all for the go off and crochet but you’ve got that finger 🙂 go off and fondle some yarn, that would make anyone feel better. I admire you for even working with lace, I am so afraid of the stuff, and it looks so pretty in the shop too!

    • I do love the word ‘pants’… as it is used in the UK, of course. ;-D And something being ‘pants’ as a negative is perfect.

      I’ve made yet another mistake in finishing the neckline, but have now taken a couple of days off and hope to pick it back up tomorrow with a bit of a schnip as a shortcut. There is NO way I am grafting it all again. Sigh.

      Part of the process. Right? (say yes)

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