Wild and Woolly – new kid in town!

I feel that I am SO incredibly behind with blogging and am trying to catch up little by little… So much to tell all of you as things have been crazy busy in a good way chez Kettle Yarn Co.!

One belated announcement that those of you on Twitter will have seen is the opening of a brand new, beautiful yarn shop in Hackney – Wild and Woolly!


Open on Lower Clapton road in Hackney a few weeks ago this little gem is a wonder!


image via The Daltonist

The lovely shop owner, Anna Feldman, is focussing on British sheep breeds and is running a series of amazing courses for all levels. What an amazing addition to the neighbourhood! It is also right next to a lovely little coffee shop, so perfect for a morning wander.

I love that when they were getting the shop ready Anna found this amazing old sign after unblocking the boarded stained glass window and it has now become a beautiful period feature of the facade! Brilliant.


Oh and did I mention…she is also carrying Kettle Yarn Co. ISLINGTON so you can squidge it there now if you are in the area! Yay! ;-P


2 thoughts on “Wild and Woolly – new kid in town!

  1. For once I’m actually managing to be at home in London at the weekend so I’m going to make the not very long journey there on Sunday. Can’t wait!

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