Autumn knitting help?

I am still finishing up my Boardwalk and Naloa, but can’t help but look to the next project as autumn knitting is in full swing. It is just that time of year!

I think I must be suffering a bit of decision fatigue as am having to make a lot of choices for the new house and just can’t decide which project should come next. A little help anyone?

Here are my choices:
The crew neck striped Japan Sleeves or the cardigan Old Romance by Joji Locatelli. I love both of these patterns and think my perfect garment might be a blend of the two – a crew neck cardigan with the lace sleeves in BEYUL. Possibly striped with yurt and a dark charcoal or navy.

Linnae Pullover in some bouncy WIMBLEDON or the joyously cabled Oranmore by Bristol Ivy in WALTHAM Aran. Both are a draw for different reasons. I have been wanting to do another colourwork jumper for autumn, but am also wanting a thickly cabled something to block out the sharp sea wind now that I am by the seaside.

I’ve been telling myself that I really need a new cardigan but then keep getting distracted by all the pretty things I am seeing! So as a compromise there is the lovely convertible Aurys by Svetlana Volkova that can be worn as a top OR a cardi – sort of killing 2 birds with one stone, but with quite a bit of open YO’s that might be a bit too cool for the coming months, even in DK.

Think this would be perfect in WALTHAM DK, though, and go really well with the amazing Japanese fabric I picked up at The Village Haberdashery with this Colette pattern on the yarn crawl Saturday (more on that later).

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 22.52.05

But I still can’t quite decide.

What do you think, and what are you casting on for autumn?


14 thoughts on “Autumn knitting help?

    • I know! I saw Joji knitting it at Unwind and it is just perfect.

      Though I also tried Cathrine at WalkCollection’s version of Old Romance on at the same time and it was so stunning I couldn’t take it off. It almost had to be pried off my dead body… ;-D

      So hard to decide.

  1. I would knit Old Romance because Joji’s patterns are so well written, cardigans are very versatile and the lace just finishes it off! After that I’d knit something cabley for winter warmth 😃

  2. Had to pop in here too just to say I love your suggestions. They really got me thinking. Personally I feel most tempted by Bristol’s work – have been returning regularly to both of these two beauties for some time. I’m considering giving mittens a chance first though, as soon as I have finished my current project (which involves your Beyul…) 😉 Never tried knitting neither mittens nor socks yet. So much I want to do!!

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