Red Sky to ginger afro

As warm-layer-makers (see what I did there? Bypassing the knit/crochet divide?) our favourite time of year has truly arrived! Leaves are changing as temperatures drop. As I type, the seaside winds are blasting past the house with a ghoulish sound that made me dive for a jumper, and I am reminded that my favourite day of the year – Halloween – fast approaches!

As a child, this day loomed large in Northern Canada as it was a time of riotous colour as trees turned bright hues of yellow and orange. Fall days were filled with various fun activities leading up to the night where us children dressed in costume and were unleashed on the night.

image from Embrace Disruption Blog /by Natasha Radlovic

In Britain, where All Hallow’s Eve has only recently started to be observed again due to the commercial opportunity, the day is regarded as a child’s event, full of candy and joke-y witches and ghost costumes. It is hard to describe to people here what the thrill truly is. It doesn’t actually have that much to do with the candy. It has everything to do with dressing up, becoming someone else for an evening, the dark and the thrill of being outdoors on an evening where anything could happen.

For me, growing up  in near wilderness, this night of trick or treating held a dark, wild thrill, more true to the old Samhain and All Hallow’s traditions that had nothing to do with cozy children’s parties. Back in the day in our neighbourhood it was ok for kids over 7 to go out un-accompanied by adults, usually in a group with older siblings, so it was one of the only times of the year we could be out after dark.

As my friends and I wandered through the woods in the dark, rushing down unlit dirt tracks that served as driveways for little known neighbours, we scared each other with tales of wolves with glowing red eyes and other things that go bump in the night.

(ok. Truth be told, that might have been ME scaring my friends and MYSELF with the tale of the wolf. If any of you are reading this…sorry, sorry. I know I’ve apologised for this before.). ;-D

Actually, we didn’t even need ghoul stories as there were plenty of bear sightings in our area and could quite easily just freak ourselves out with the idea of a bear watching us from the woods! Ahhh. Nature.

In anticipation of the big day at the end of the month, marking the turn into winter proper, I have finally uploaded my new autumnal WIMBLEDON Sport colourway, Red Sky, to the shop. A warm rusty red, this colour is perfect camouflage for all the ambling in the woods I plan to do in the next month or so. 😉

I thought I’d go through the other yarns on the shop and make a medley of other suitable hues for the season that gently get us ramped up to the big orange/black day of All Hallows Eve.

clockwise from top:  BEYUL fingering – Sacred Saffron, WESTMINSTER fingering – Colebrook, HEATH fingering – Banksia Marl, BEYUL fingering – Yurt, TWIST Jumbo fingering – Squirrel Cheeks, TWIST Jumbo fingering – Hematite, HEATH fingering – Nutmeg Marl, ISLINGTON fingering – Smokin’ Peach

I even got a crazy idea in my head that I could KNIT something for a costume this year. Especially after seeing this:

Crochet Owl Hat from wearable art creator Helen Rodel

I mean…seriously? How amazing would that be???

Though something tells me that an adult size version of this would be endless fun!

sweetpeatoad > Lion (Roarrrrr) (personal pattern only)

Bundle up and stay warm, lovelies!



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