Shop update this Friday!

It feels like it has been much too long, but I am finally doing an official shop update this Friday at 5pm GMT.

Here is a preview of what will be posted:

clockwise from left: Wimbledon Sport in new colourway ‘After Eight’, Islington fingering in L’heure Bleue and Old Smoke, more Wimbledon Sport in an ooak colourway, a new Heath fingering hue called Dungaree Marl, and finally more Islington fingering in Blighty grey.

The update is this Friday October 17th at 5pm GMT–  check your local time


2 thoughts on “Shop update this Friday!

    • Thanks Kristin! I wished I had dyed it before starting my Boardwalk, as it would be brilliant with jeans, no? Might have to make another.

      The marling is quite simple actually and is all in how the yarn is constructed. The mill spins two strands of superwash Merino with the two strands of un superwash! The SW takes more dye so creates the marling. Isn’t that amazing?

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