The new website is ALIVE!

I’ve finally done it! The new website is up and running and the blog will relocate to here from now on!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 17.34.19


All the old content has been moved across and I hope you’ll all come over, say hello and make yourselves at home on the new site!

You can find the new RSS address here for your readers.

Linda x


2 thoughts on “The new website is ALIVE!

  1. Hi Linda, I always enjoy your blogs! But I don’t seem to have had any pop into my mailbox since this one… Is it because you have been super busy and not blogged or am I doing something wrong and not found it? Don’t want to miss your news and chat!!!

    • Caroline! Happy new year! Hope you are well.

      Thanks for this message. Have signed up to the RSS feed? I’ve just checked my Netvibes and the RSS seems to be working fine…you can find the link here. Let me know if you have troubles with that. I might put an email subscription option on the blog for those who prefer to get emails!

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