Silver Bells – part V…buttons, buttons, buttons

I managed to sort out the shoulders the other night on my Nightingale which, in the end, was really quite painless since I could clearly see where I had gone wrong.
Some of you might notice I didn’t bother with the kitchener seam on the back neck, as I really couldn’t bear the idea of having to do it again, so just did a simple 3 needle bind off.

Here are two funny things –
1. I only realised a couple night ago (from looking up other examples of the arm edgings) that my buttonband is actually narrower than it is supposed to be by about half and I hadn’t noticed until now! Oops.

2. Oh, and remember the first row of bells that I had screwed up and was bemoaning ages ago?

I completely forgot all about it after that post and no longer see it anymore. The only thing that jogged my memory was seeing the post on the tag list. How funny is that?? Hah!

It just goes to show that all the (k)nitpicking is for nowt (as my darling Scots would say. I spent a weekend with the in-laws recently and my speech is still peppered with lovely little brogue-ish things!).

I had to take advantage of the relatively warm day today and blocked the vest first thing and laid it in the sun so it would dry quickly. I am really pleased that the lace alpaca strand bloomed beautifully! How pretty are the fuzzy bells?
It is amazing how much one tiny strand of alpaca can add so much to a project!

The Phildar wool/nylon on it’s own was frankly somewhat unpleasant as it contains 30% nylon and feels rather lifeless (it is STRONG though). Adding the 2ply baby alpaca completely transformed the fabric. It is now silky and has a bit of drape along with all that lovely bloom.

(I love this alpaca and am definitely adding it to my dyeing bases. It dyes up with the most beautiful shimmer and will make gorgeous shawls! And now that I know what adding it to other yarns can do I will be using it for everything!)

Only buttonband/buttons left to sort out on my little Silver Bells so nearly, nearly there…


Details, details

Hope everyone made it through the holidays and are still in a calm, turkeyfied stupour!

I have been catching up on my reading and web trolling and thought I would add this find to the blog.

With knitting, as with most things I make, I think that details make or break a project. With this in mind, I started a Pinterest board some time ago to keep track of interesting bits I see for future use and inspiration.

Here is my latest pin from Interweave:

Really just a reminder to myself to think outside the box when threading on buttons. Different colour thread, or even just deciding to thread the buttons in a different way…or even more than one way (though maybe not all at once!).

So simple a detail, yet so effective.