Waltham in the city

Yesterday I added sweater quantities of both WALTHAM DK and Aran to the shop. I am going to start carrying more of this blend as this 100% British Bluefaced Leicester is gently rustic yarn which is slightly crisp but still soft enough for delicate skins. With no pokey guard hairs it is perfect for those of you who, like me, love the look and handle of honest, untreated wooly yarn but can’t bear the typically associated itch! ;-?

As you’ve all likely noticed, I have been heavily biased towards Bluefaced Leicester wool blends, and the reason is that the wool combines three highly prized qualities:

  1. a softness comparable to Merino that is soft enough for sensitive skin;
  2. a long staple fibre which makes yarn hard wearing and low pilling – VERY important in my books;
  3. a natural lustre which gives the yarn a gentle sheen, reflecting light to enhance stitchwork and colour.

WALTHAM is plied with a three plies, making it perfect for open details like yarnovers and cables, while sculptural stitches are further enhanced by the sheen and ply structure.

WALTHAM Aran  – 100% British BFL in a smokey grey semi-solid ‘Peaky Blinder’

The Aran above would be perfect for something like Jared Flood’s gorgeous Channel Cardigan as you’d get the same wooly texture as BT yarn, but with a softer handle against the skin:


The  WALTHAM DK in sunny mustard ‘Maille’ is perfect for cheering up  dreary, grey days. It would shine in a cabled design like Sophie, below, by Jennifer Wood.

A yellow cardi would be the perfect little transitional item to lift spirits while we all wait impatiently for spring! (Get a move on spring!)