The dark side of the knit

I took time off my Schnabu and turned to my Toasty, only to find that the curse has followed me (and my wallowing in knitting self pity has deepened!).

I was chunking along, about 10 rows away from finishing the raglan decreases on the neck of my cardigan when horror struck – I realised I had miscounted on the pocket cables!! 4 on one side and 5 on the other! I couldn’t believe it.

How could I not have noticed??? One side of the bands at front was a cable thinner. Sigh.

I tried to convince myself I could live with it, but who am I kidding. After administering some swift mental kicks for not really looking at what I was doing, I frogged. This is my largest expanse of frogged item yet, nearly 600 yds, all the way back to the cursed pockets.toast


It is maddening. You could knit a small sweater from the amount of yarn I have just unravelled.

The only upside is the ENORMOUS ball of yarn I have wound while frogging. It is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. It is so large I can barely hold it in one hand!

(you have to look on the bright side!)



I have just run across the cable stitch I am using in my Toasty. I initially plucked it out of a vintage knitting pattern I found at a charity shop on the Isle of Wight this summer, but didn’t know what it was called.

Get this – it is called ‘Little Pearl’! What a coincidence!

I am referring to the singular cable, for all I know, multiples might have another name,yet!

It is a super simple cable:
Row 1 lt, rt (left twist, right twist)
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: rt, lt (right twist, left twist)
Row 4: Purl

Here is something kind of interesting…if you do it on a purl ground (or with a purl before the cable, as I am above) it is also sometimes called the ‘Raised Circle’ cable. Wonder if this was just someone in the past naming it as a new stitch, without realising it had already been named?

Here is the difference:

Little Pearl/Raised Circle below

Click on Johnny Vasquez’s image above to view a video from New Stitch a Day demonstrating the stitch (breathe deeply through all the ads!).

Here it is butt up against each other, with no spacing in between, which causes a honeycombe effect and called ‘Ray of Honey’:

There are some great stitches and video demos on this site where these last 3 images are from. Definitely check it out! There are some great interviews with designers, as well.

I am definitely turning into a stitch nerd. It is so fascinating being able to deconstruct stitches and figure out how they are made…and contemplate how you could do something different with them.



Still carefully trucking along with my Toasty, which I posted on the other day but had not yet named.

I am working on this one slowly as I am going free fall and completely making shit up as I go along! It is a little scary not following a pattern, but I think I can handle it now. Famous last words!!! 😉

This is the cable I have chosen. I realised that by placing them side by side with only 1 purl row between, it creates a honeycomb like pattern, which I really like.

The stitch is very simple and quick as you don’t need a cable needle to twist the stitches…which is one of the main reasons I chose it, to be honest! So lazy.

Here is where I have gotten thus far on the body. The arms are ready and waiting.

I was going to add some different cables for more of a busy aran look, but decided I liked the classic simplicity of the stockinette and whatever this cable stitch is called. It really keeps the focus on the thick, lustrous silk merino.

I am nearly out of yarn, so have to figure out how much more I will need and get on ordering pronto!