Project Parade – vol. 7

I just realised it has been ages since I have done one of these! Here are a few things that have hit my Pinterest boards over the last week or so. The first two are from my LYS, Loop, as I have been spending so much time lurking in the store lately with  weekly knit nights!

I’ve been lucky enough to paw samples with my sweaty little trotters in person, and even tried on the new Honeyblossom sample on Thurs. I have to say, is even cuter in person, and the squishy cable yoke is truly lovely up close.
Honeyblossom by Yoko Hatta

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 09.43.29
Pop Spots by Juju Vail

This next on carries on with my ‘Spanish theme‘, but will have to wait until I get the tension on my fair isle technique sorted out!

Arrowhead Cardigan by Anna Cohen

And lastly, with a rather Japanese wave-like pattern:

Song of the Sea by Louise Zass-Bangham

I have been queuing patterns like a madwoman, and am realising that there is no way IN HELL I will be able to knit even a fraction of these before I die! That’s normal, right?


En Vogue

The sun is out as I type this, and though it is no warmer, I am going to pretend spring is truly on its way and finally post this ‘springy’ post that I wrote weeks ago on a deceptively warm week in early March.

I have been eyeing up some of the Vogue Knitting SS 2013 (Designer Knitting in the EU) projects for the last while and have finally decided to purchase it.
vogue knitting
I  don’t normally buy knitting magazines, and have a bit of a love/hate with them. It is a crying shame (and this might sound kind of harsh BUT) but most tend exemplify gnomey knitting so there are rarely projects that appeal to me.

This VK edition is a bit ‘Jekyll and Hide’. It contains a handful of fresh, attractive projects and at least 3 patterns that I will probably cast on, with a couple others that I could use elements of if I convert to in the round/contiguous top down etc.

On the darker, more ‘Hyde’ side – it also has a lion’s share of patterns that have gotten a good smacking with the gnome stick and are ‘old fashioned’ – to put it nicely- not only in their look, but also in their construction (tons of unnecessary seaming for light summer knits).

Having passed judgment, here is one of the pretty designs I am hoping to make at some point for spring summer wear- #21 Lace Batwing Top by Brooke Nico. After the imminent success of Sakura, I am hopping on the batwing bandwagon with a vengeance! (And yes, the perceptive in you might notice that the lace pattern is primarily chevrons. What can I say. I love me a chevron!)

One very cool thing that the VK team have started doing is posting videos of the finished samples on Youtube! This is a great idea. So even before people start making their own versions and posting on Rav, you can see the garment in 3-D on a person who is live and moving – no posed, pinned and static-ly styled shots. Brilliant.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all designers started doing this with their patterns?

You can see the video here.

Project Parade – vol. 6

It has been AGES since I have done one of these! And this is not because I haven stopped adding projects to the queue – I have just fallen behind.

Here are some of the latest ones:
Lillian Top by Kari-Helene Rane – this one is great, as it is convertible and can be worn a number of ways

The yarn suggested is 100% alpaca, though, which I wouldn’t recommend as the ribbing needs a bit of bounce for elasticity which alpaca just doesn’t have. Think if you picked an alpaca/wool or silk/wool you would get the right combo of drape and elasticity.

The Artemisia Sweater by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark below is being offered as a workshop package on Crafty, which includes the yarn and step by step video instruction on how to knit the jumper. Think this is perfect for someone who has reached the level of wanting to do a more advanced (but still simple) garment, but wants tutorial back-up. A great idea Mercedes!

I desperately need new wool socks, so these pretty babies are on my to-do list – Pomatomus by Cookie A. These are also FREE!

Lastly, a simple, pretty, shawl-ish scarf (or so I am insisting on thinking of it) – bowland by Amanda France


Project Parade – vol. 5

I have been falling behind on my ‘project parade’! So many patterns to post, and so little time.

I have fallen in love with Lisa Mutch‘s glorious Obsidian

and am anxiously waiting for it to be released so I can use my precious Habu N-80 stash:

So elegant, but also slightly edgy. Love her designs. I was all ready to cast on with this one a few weeks back, but didn’t read the listing properly and missed that it was being released in November, so am now doing the knitting equivalent of the pee-pee dance until it comes out!!! Doh.

I am still working on my Immie, but was checking around last night to see what other patterns have used the Frost Flowers chart and found the Panna Frost Flower Lace Shawl by Foldi knit, a free pattern!

So pretty, isn’t it? I am thinking of doing it for my mom for xmas, though maybe just 3 repeats of the pattern, as it might kill me! I have the perfect Colourmart cashmere/merino left over from my stripe study. The only problem is I can figure out the yo’s from the wrong side with the Frost Flowers! I tried to add short rows to my Immie, but just get a crossed stitch mess, so am doing something wrong.  This one may have to work until I understand lace better.

These next wrist warmers are going to be my first colourwork project.

Cutie patooties!

Project Parade – vol. 4

I have decided that, while I need to continue to work on depleting my stash (and stop being so yarn-greedy!), I also need a thick wool jacket/cardi for autumn. Ahem.

(This is how the downward slope of an entire room filled with wool begins, isn’t it?)

I used to have a  heathered green, fitted wool mandarin collared jacket that I picked up at a charity shop and LOVED in my twenties, and want to go for a similar style in a sturdy green yarn.

These are the two top runners on my queue:
The bobble-y cable Forecast by Stefanie Japel:

…and the Flogs Jacket by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

I am leaning towards the latter for my jacket, as it is in bulky wool and maybe more suitable for outdoor wear, though I have seen some lovely, paired down versions of the Forecast which are less fussy and would be nice.

Struggling a bit to pick the wool, though. Have been at it for weeks. I want something sturdy enough to hold it’s shape and be a proper ‘jacket’ but not overly itchy. I don’t want to be able to feel pokies through my clothes!

In my search for yarn I have ended up purchasing some Cascade Eco+, which I was pretty certain wouldn’t be firm enough for what I had in mind with Flogs…and was right.

As a result I have entered the land of textured cables with the rather simple, in the end, Aidez.

I am doing it in the same colour as below – Shire! (what a perfect name):

[image from Conundrum on Ravelry]

I am pleasantly surprised by the yarn. It is much softer and squishier than I thought it would be. I can just barely wear it against skin, and think it will be soft enough not to have any itchies.

The only downside is that doing all these cables in such thick yarn is KILING my hands. I stopped altogether for a day and have had to start icing and trading off between this project and my newly cast on Imogen Wool to try and keep them functioning. I really should stop altogether for a week, but think it might….just…kill me…. heh.

Project Parade – vol. 3

Have you seen the knew Knitscene magazine yet? I am loving the patterns in this one! I don’t usually buy knitting mags, but this one is a keeper.

Check out these patterns:

Not sure if this is a fox or a wolf, but MUST do this one soon.

How cute is that?? I might do some darker tips on the ends, like little fox tails! FAB.

Then this one, the Nocturnal Pullover by Cassie Castillo

It may need a few mods – maybe shorter with a slight blouson and wide ribbing band? Or more fitted. But that owl chart…Yum.

This one might help me to get my chart/pattern confidence up:

And I know I need to lay off cardigans, but I wear them nearly evey day…They are just so versatile.

Look at the texture below! The Terra Linda Cardigan by Rosemary

And I already have the perfect buttons…made by…ME, in a ceramic frenzy this spring!

Moving into chillier days…this little cloche looks like it would be easy on the hat head.

These are just a fraction of the patterns in the magazine. Normally I like one pattern in the lot, but this time there are 18 out of the 20 that I would actually make. Hardly a gnomey pattern in the bunch – these are all on trend and cute as a button!

Talk about value for money at £6.50.

Now I just have to figure out how to use up some of my stash making some of these, as I have small amounts of stuff, but not enough for a full garment. Many of these patterns are heavier wool – worsted or aran, whereas my stash is on the lighter side.

(I have cut myself off from buying more yarn until I use up more stashage. I have this fear of stockpiling huge amounts of yarn  and never using it, like some of the monster collections I have seen on Ravelry. At the moment I have one small box full, but this is growing exponentially!)

I can’t wait to see the modifications people do on these once the Raveler’s get at them!

Project Parade – vol.2

Some of this week’s additions to the project parade and my ravelry:

I desperately want to do this gorgeous next one, a pattern called Acorns by Carol Sunday:

But fear I will have to wait until I can concentrate longer than one repeat for a pattern!

Lovely yellow version above by trophywife81

Likewise for this one below, Corazon – by Julia Trice

Another pretty pattern by the designer of the Nyame pattern I posted last week!
Think this one would work well as a heavier winter sweater or cardi as well. But again, will have to wait on this until I am more confident with lace.

I am trying to find a lacey/sheer top pattern to use with some glorious Habu N80 that I just got for my birthday. Thinking this Mohair minimalist top by Anna Kuduja might be a start, though I don’t have that much yardage.

version above by oryo

So many patterns. So little time.

Project Parade – vol.1

Project Parade – vol.1

I am starting a regular post of the favourite patterns I have recently added to my Ravelry projects queue. I have realised lately how much I rely on blessed Ravelry for all my knitting needs (God I love that site!!). But – then I start thinking, what if – and this is just the dark side of me talking, I know, so don’t get panicked…

But what IF something happened and all my ‘favourites’ and ‘queued projects’ DISAPPEARED?

GASP!! Quel horreur! 😉

Ok. I know it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but It would take hours and possibly days worth of time to find them all again. Therefore, welcome to …the Project Parade! My virtual backup.

Thing is, start at the beginning, or at the end? Hmm.

Well, I figure I will start with the most recent to my queue:

Sporty Striped Peds – by Whitney at Purl Soho

 – from the fantastic Purl Bee, another site I love with some gorgeous FREE patterns (how much better can it get???). These might be my second pair of socks. They are sooo cute!

Xia (summer)
by Kessa Tay Anlin
This top is almost identical to a vintage pattern I saw in a book somewhere…but still cute.

White rabbit wrist-ees – by Tiny Owl Knits

She has the sweetest little version that I might attempt when I can read charts for image patterns:

Ruby tuesday
 – by Ewa Durasiewicz

This one has huge scope for modifications – check out the projects!

There is a start on them! Hope you enjoy them.