Kettle Yarn Co in America!

I’ve been meaning to blog on this for ages, but things have been so frantic chez Kettle I have mainly been running around like a (large, noisy) chicken with its head cut off!

For those of you in the States, I currently have some yarn in the country for you to fondle, hug and adopt! If you are in LA you will surely drop in to the fabulous Gather DTLA and when you do, look for the ISLINGTON skeins Evi has in stock:

image via Gather DTLA

In downtown Los Angeles, this is a must visit location as the shop is in LA’s famous Historic Core and the shop is located on the Mezzanine floor of the amazing The Last Bookstore! It is a vibrant cozy nook with a regularly humming Sunday Social every Sunday from 4 – 8pm:

If you are not in LA, but on that side of the pond, you can also shop online:

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 08.55.17

There aren’t that many skeins in shop as I was only able to send over so many, so get them while they’re in stock! 😉


A little Parisian tea, anyone?

I have another amazing announcement this week…


If you are in Paris you can now buy ISLINGTON in France at the beautiful L’OisiveThé, Salon de Thé in the 13eme arrondissement!


clockwise from top – TWIST in Cheeky, ISLINGTON  in Vestige and Soot… image credit: Debbie Chase

Visit Aimée’s beautiful shop for a cuppa and some yarn browsing on the historic Rive Gauche.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 16.59.34

Do you need a better excuse for a day trip to my favourite city?

Merry Hoohaw!

Today is the last day for the 20% special thank you!

Ramping up to the big day and would like to wish all of you the merriest, most joyful holiday season!

I am taking my first blog hiatus and closing the shop down December 22nd for the holidays for a much-needed rest and will re-open again in the new year on January 18th with some new stock in the shop!

Happy Holidays  and a Happy New Year everyone!


Holiday wishes and a little something…


I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you for your support in my first few months as a shop and am offering a special 20% off  till Dec 20 to spread the warmth!

Happy Holidays lovelies and thanks for being so damn FAB!


20% off until midnight GMT December 20
Use KETTLEXMAS at checkout.
(available at time of purchase only)



Off to the big Pompom Magazine party tomorrow and as previously mentioned will be taking the shop down for a few days to give me a bit of time to count everything up on the weekend and relist what is left! So excited/nervous!!

I’ve managed to get hooked up with the Paypal here system for smartphone, so if you download the Paypal app we should be able to sort out online payment at the venue!


I say should as I not entirely sure there will be reception in a crypt, so please do make sure you bring cash as well, just in case!

Hope to see some of you there…

British Minis – perfect for socks!

People have been making some great suggestions for the Twist Mini or  British Minis skein pairs! Here is one I have added to my own, ever-growing to do list – a pom pom garland! Super, quick, easy and fun and you could get the whole family involved in this one. Whether you go with traditional:
image from See Sue Stitch
Or just plain FUN:
image from Student Beans
And sticking to the pom theme, for those of you lucky enough to have a pet how about a simple pom pom scarf to get the pooch/cat into the festive mood?
image from the Examiner
For those sock knitters out there, here are some lovely giftable sock patterns:

British Minis pairs now in the shop.

The endless joys of yarn pairing

I think most of you know how truly and thoroughly a yarn nerd I am already, so the title of the post should come as no surprise? 😉

Last Monday I showed a few examples of possible yarn pairs for blindingly simple but stunning subtle-y striped shawls like Camomille and Merlot. I got a bit carried away with the process and decided at the last minute that I’d better split the post as my yarn-nerd-ness was getting out of hand!

I’d paired up 2 more, classic grey combos to show you – ‘ColebrookeBFL/Alpaca‘ and then ‘Colebrooke/Dusty Miller‘ – and then realised how different these two shawls would be due to the properties of the yarns being paired and got really excited!

While the two above look incredibly similar in the skein, the two pairings would create substantially different moods in a shawl!

The BFL/Alpaca combo is more lofty on the right will knit up significantly warmer and ‘fuller’ than the Bloomsbury BFL/Silk, with a sumptuous Alpaca bloom and sponge. It is so warm – even knit as an open lace – that I often find myself overheated with this blend in the mild autumn chill!

In the pairing with Bloomsbury (right) the 80% BFL makes stitches hold a bit more crisply open and the extra silk adds to Westminter’s already substantial drape giving a slightly more dressy (formal/evening wear) feel to the shawl. Both could be worn to dress up last winter’s coat OR over a party dress for a holiday event, but the subtle difference lets you tailor for personality.

You would never think it just looking at the skeins, which look quite similar at first glance, would you?

I first discovered the joys of yarn pairing when knitting Helga Isager’s Nightingale Vest.

It was amazing how even adding a single thin strand of lace to otherwise rather unpleasant feeling sock yarn transformed the fabric into something much greater than its parts (knitting gestalt)!

Yarn pairing is amazing and opens up a world of possibility in stash busting. Add a strand of another yarn and you can create amazing colour effects like heathering and ombre – like in Antonia Shankland’s Kinetic cowl below which starts with 2 strands of the same colour, moves to two strands of 2 different colours for a gradient, then back to 2 strands of the new colour:

Or even change the drape and handle of a yarn and counteract a less desirable trait by blending to better suit your pattern – create more drape, LESS drape and more structure, or add a fuzzy soft halo for an feminine ‘sweater-girl’ twist.

Fun AND useful!

Great London Yarn Crawl-ing and a little green

Quick reminder that this is the final week to get your tickets to the inaugural Great London Yarn Crawl! Registration closes on Saturday, 7 September at midnight! I will most likely be helping out on the Orange route so sign up and spend the day fondling yarn with us! There are some amazing goodie bags and door prizes being offered (some yarns from Kettle Yarn Co. among them!) and all net proceeds will benefit Refuge- for women and children against violence.

Catching up on WIPs – I started my Amélie some time ago, before our trip to the Lake District, and have really been enjoying it. See the project (ahem) having a glass of wine above Lake Windemere:

Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND

As usual, Gudrun’s pattern is clear and well written! I had a couple of moments of textual doubt as something clever was suggested, then realised that if I trust the pattern, Gudrun will get me there in style! (It is a bit sad that I have gotten to the point of mistrusting a designer’s words due to mistakes in other patterns I have worked with!)
Amelie in Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND

Being me (lazy) I waffled a little at first over whether or not to go with a straight  Long Tail cast-on or to actually follow Gudrun’s suggestion of alternating German Twisted and Long Tail. Thankfully I forced myself not to take a short cut and therefore learned 2 valuable things.

  1. I have been doing a German Twisted cast on instead of Long Tail for the last who knows how many months! I have no idea how long it has been. hah!
  2. German Twisted gives a purl bump, Long Tail gives you knit. How clever is that??

So the edging of your ribbing on this project matches. It is this kind of attention to detail that makes me love Gudrun’s patterns. Everything is so carefully considered and well thought through.

I dyed up some FALKLAND – merino/bamboo 4-ply for this in a deep, saturated emerald I’ve called ‘Darwin’ and am loving the richness of saturated colour.
Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND in Darwin

I don’t normally go for such pure brights in my own knits as I favour greyed tints, but it has been quite fun for a bit of a change. Below is a detail of the clever waist shaping:
Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND in Darwin

I’ve added some to the shop and will tell you more about this squishy blend when I feature the yarn in a later post.

I am hoping to get a few more yarns up on Etsy this weekend and will send out a message to the mailing list when they are up. Don’t forget to email me to sign up and get  15% off your first order…

*afternote: someone just told me that when they saw the colour they could smell the outdoors! How fabulous is that???

Kettle Yarn Co. -the shop is ALIVE!

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks getting everything ready to launch, but we are finally live!

You can find the official shop on Etsy:
I’d actually made the shop live last weekend, hoping to get all my current bases dyed and up before letting everyone know, but amazingly made a few sales over the week! What an enormous relief on the one hand and also a panic on the other as my cards aren’t back from the printer yet and I haven’t quite sorted out my packaging..and…and…

But SALES!! Yippeee!

It is time to let go and let my baby out into the world while I continue to add stock. The journey to my own personal yarn empire has begun! ;-P

I’ll be doing some posts on the amazing bases I have chosen as my ‘regulars’ over the next few weeks so you can get an in depth feel for what they are like.

Once again, I am so grateful and humbled by the generosity and support out there in the knitting community and as a little thank you I am offering 10% off your first purchase for signing up to the mailing list …but as an extra thanks to all of you who have given advice, feedback and just plain commented on my blatherings along the way – Purlside readers get an extra 5%!, just click on the discount image at the top right of the blog and select the option for the blog for 15% off until the end of Sept!

Thank  you!

Yesterday was a BLUE day…

I have started mass dyeing for the shop this week and am having a BLAST! I can’t believe how much I am enjoying myself. It has been quite some time since I have had so much fun with colour.

It has been pretty full on,though, and today I decided I should take a breather instead of the ‘Red’ day I had planned, so took photos instead. Unfortunately, this turned out to be even more tiring, as the fun factor was missing and it just felt like work!

Got some good shots, though. Here are some of the results from my ‘Blue’ day, which will be up in the shop at the end of the month!