En Vogue

The sun is out as I type this, and though it is no warmer, I am going to pretend spring is truly on its way and finally post this ‘springy’ post that I wrote weeks ago on a deceptively warm week in early March.

I have been eyeing up some of the Vogue Knitting SS 2013 (Designer Knitting in the EU) projects for the last while and have finally decided to purchase it.
vogue knitting
I  don’t normally buy knitting magazines, and have a bit of a love/hate with them. It is a crying shame (and this might sound kind of harsh BUT) but most tend exemplify gnomey knitting so there are rarely projects that appeal to me.

This VK edition is a bit ‘Jekyll and Hide’. It contains a handful of fresh, attractive projects and at least 3 patterns that I will probably cast on, with a couple others that I could use elements of if I convert to in the round/contiguous top down etc.

On the darker, more ‘Hyde’ side – it also has a lion’s share of patterns that have gotten a good smacking with the gnome stick and are ‘old fashioned’ – to put it nicely- not only in their look, but also in their construction (tons of unnecessary seaming for light summer knits).

Having passed judgment, here is one of the pretty designs I am hoping to make at some point for spring summer wear- #21 Lace Batwing Top by Brooke Nico. After the imminent success of Sakura, I am hopping on the batwing bandwagon with a vengeance! (And yes, the perceptive in you might notice that the lace pattern is primarily chevrons. What can I say. I love me a chevron!)

One very cool thing that the VK team have started doing is posting videos of the finished samples on Youtube! This is a great idea. So even before people start making their own versions and posting on Rav, you can see the garment in 3-D on a person who is live and moving – no posed, pinned and static-ly styled shots. Brilliant.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all designers started doing this with their patterns?

You can see the video here.

Brilliantly tasseled

Oh! How perfect (and simple) an idea is this? Red tassels crocheted onto a simple shell:

by Suvi Ainoa

Now it is meant for children…

But you can see how awesome it would look on an adult, no? As a layering piece or for summer.

The tassels make me think of  paired down traditional Tibetan jewellery and clothing. That beaded/tasseled ‘Genghis Khan’ chic that is creeping in lately (is that un-PC? Loosing perspective the longer I live in the UK!)

Want. Will make. Sooooon…ish…

All that glitters…

This a craze I hadn’t heard of until it was posted just now on Fringe Association (thanks Karen) – jewelled beanies. What a great idea!

The execution of these can be a bit hit and miss, though, as everyone has jumped in on the bandwagon (where have I BEEN?), and people start adding tacky plastic rhinestones to their toques with hot glue guns! Eeesh.

These ones from Candela are a beautiful rendition – beautiful vintage headbands over cabled beanies.
image A Haute Mess

image Lovely Wanderlust

Now where is that vintage 1920s rhinestone buckle I had…