I have been in huge denial on the amount of project fixing I need to do and decided to finally cast on my Dragonfly jumper the other day in official procrastination. As the weather has dipped back into the minus Celsius in the UK I feel justified in halting everything else to get this last aran jumper out before the weather (hopefully…someday) warms up. Everything else has been put on hold as I try to churn this one out.

This project has taken a bit more prep than usual, as I dyed the yarn and the first go wasn’t to my liking. The above swatch is the initial try, which just felt dull, lifeless and way too stripey. Yuck.
Learning from my mistakes in dye placement, I tried again. The above is the 2nd and winning colour attempt. Closer to the mint I have had in the back of my mind than the grey I had originally intended for this jumper, but I just felt that the lace pattern needed a bit more colour variation to make it interesting and for the ‘dragonfly wings’ to shimmer.

Here are a couple shots of the yarn in sunshine, just because they turned out so darn pretty (if I do say so myself!):

(I really need to set up some sort of light box for photos, as the light is so low these days, even on bright days, that getting good shots is a huge challenge. On my screen the yarn cake below is the closest to the actual colour of the yarn.)

In the end, the Cartridge Rib just seemed a bit too fussy for lazy old me, and I just wanted to be able to focus on the front lace panel…but not have it be a form fitting jumper. The bamboo stitch I finally chose for the back panel does the job – unelastic and a simple 2 stitch repeat.  Also colour variations in the yarn show up nicely with the slip stitch:
bamboo stitch
I am not a big fan of striping in semi-solid and variegated yarns so I meant to reverse stockinette the sleeves to break up the variegation but got caught up with making the bamboo stitch fit the back panel and forgot for the first 20 or so rows…so left the stockinette. I know some people really like this effect, but I need the tones to be quite close for my own tastes. This is borderline…it is fairly subtle, but still a bit linear for my tastes. It is growing on me, though, the more I look at it.
This is the yoke on Saturday morning:
And here it is as of 15 mins ago:
I have pulled a few 12 hour+ sessions and am hoping to have it finished by next week (please tell me I haven’t jinxed myself by writing that!!) 😉