Bogged down with a hideous virus this week so have spent my time off work watching Heroes and planning ahead. I am trying to decide on the most suitable buttonband for my Odilon V.2 . As it still feel a little snug- even after dropping all the waist shaping- I want a solution that will give me a bit more width than the i-cord band suggested in the pattern.

To keep examples in one place I have started a Pinterest board on buttonbands that I am hoping to continue to add to as I see interesting examples. (all images credited on Pinterest)
button pins

I am pretty fussy when it comes to bands, so this is obviously a curated list!

When it comes to buttonbands I want them  sturdy and NOT gape-y. I have a huge problem with gaping (nothing lets a good cardi down as much as a wobbly,gape-y buttonband). Don’t get me wrong, I will sew on ribbon to stabilise if I have to …but am pretty lazy about sewing bits on and prefer knit processes to stitching. SO FUSSY.

The best I have come across, so far, is the vertical knit on button band that I did recently on my Toasty. The one by one vertical rib (un-stretched) forms a thick, professional looking/feeling band that should last ages.

Thing is, I want to try something new with this cardi.

Can anyone think of any solid ones I have missed? (I am not much of a picot person, so have purposefully left frilly ones out!)