When you miss your calling as a bell-ringer…

More sewing adventures this week, as I am still slowly/gently working on my Nightingale vest to give my wrists a bit of a break after my flare up last week.

As I am not ready to spend big bucks on the linen I NEED for my Tova dress, I decided that the second thing I would sew would be a simple Sorbetto top by Collette.

I managed to get a small amount of lovely Japanese cotton voile on sale and figured it would be an easy sewing-confidence booster. This is the fabric, though in real life it isn’t as dark and more of a lovley denim-y blue:

Sorbetto is a simple tank top and a free pattern to boot, so there are a zillion examples out there in the blog-sphere. 
This makes it a good beginner project as you can read up on other’s experiences of the pattern before taking the plunge.

After reading how others had been knocking this top up in an hour to two (you know who you are! Hmmph), I thought this would be super simple and straightforward.  Then learned something new about my body shape.

Apparently, not only do I have a sway back but the width across my back is shorter than in front! (The latter is the big news flash!). You think I might have figured this out with the big pleat I put in on my Tova dress, but I thought I had just screwed something up along the way!

So to get the back fabric to fall nicely and not bunch like I have a bit of hump in my mid back I not only have to take the back curve in across the back, I also have to shorten the width vertically – a big cross across the pattern’s back! Now this might not seem like a big deal to experienced sewers, but to someone doing it for the first time BY MYSELF without a dress form…well, let’s just say it is amazing I am not scarred from all the pins that poked and scraped me in various tender places on this journey! ;-?

I luckily found a series of tutorials from the Miss P. blog that showed pretty clearly how to go about altering the toile (which I did make this time, thankfully!) and then the pattern. I also followed her tutorials on altering the bust dart and rotating excess armhole material to the new dart. Phew.

That was as much as I could handle for one day. Tomorrow I hope to redraft the sleeve and neck on the front and do the second toile fitting.

One hour?? HMMMPH, I say again. ;-D