One – love. Creamsicles for all!

Some of you may have already seen the Creamsicle cardigan kits in the shop.  Featured in the new summer issue of Pom pom Quarterly released last week, this sweet summer layer by designer Sarah Hurwitz of Knit York City has it all – fun colour, elbow length sleeves and, of course, BOBBLES!

photo credit: Juju Vail and Pom Pom Quarterly

Sarah used my WIMBLEDON Sport blend which is ethically sourced from the happiest, most kindly treated sheep EVER…or so they tell me! (the mill, not the sheep) ;-D 

Deceptively butter soft but championship tough this deliciously doughy yarn comes in a generous 287 yds per skein – enough for accessories projects. This is the softest, squishiest superwash merino we have used, so soft and natural feeling you could never tell it was a superwash yarn without the label!

I keep thinking this design is just perfect for a yarn that was named after the tennis capital of the world. Can’t you just see this cardi in the stands for the Championships…or with a little white skirt on the court? (not that I am a tennis player, mind you, but the image is perfect, no?)

This weeks update contains the first batches of my new colourways for this season and a duck’s egg OOAK:

Clockwise from top left: Fog,  Sherbert, Snow Queen, Melon Balls, and a one off ducks egg blue

I’ve also created a little something to help your beloved projects return to you if they get lost – project bag tags!

These little gloss, plastic beauties attach to your bag and allow you to write a contact number or email on the bag so your project can be returned safely to you.

Just what you need if you travel with your projects and worry constantly about leaving them on a train like I do!