Kettle Yarn Co. -the shop is ALIVE!

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks getting everything ready to launch, but we are finally live!

You can find the official shop on Etsy:
I’d actually made the shop live last weekend, hoping to get all my current bases dyed and up before letting everyone know, but amazingly made a few sales over the week! What an enormous relief on the one hand and also a panic on the other as my cards aren’t back from the printer yet and I haven’t quite sorted out my packaging..and…and…

But SALES!! Yippeee!

It is time to let go and let my baby out into the world while I continue to add stock. The journey to my own personal yarn empire has begun! ;-P

I’ll be doing some posts on the amazing bases I have chosen as my ‘regulars’ over the next few weeks so you can get an in depth feel for what they are like.

Once again, I am so grateful and humbled by the generosity and support out there in the knitting community and as a little thank you I am offering 10% off your first purchase for signing up to the mailing list …but as an extra thanks to all of you who have given advice, feedback and just plain commented on my blatherings along the way – Purlside readers get an extra 5%!, just click on the discount image at the top right of the blog and select the option for the blog for 15% off until the end of Sept!

Thank  you!