Great London Yarn Crawl-ing and a little green

Quick reminder that this is the final week to get your tickets to the inaugural Great London Yarn Crawl! Registration closes on Saturday, 7 September at midnight! I will most likely be helping out on the Orange route so sign up and spend the day fondling yarn with us! There are some amazing goodie bags and door prizes being offered (some yarns from Kettle Yarn Co. among them!) and all net proceeds will benefit Refuge- for women and children against violence.

Catching up on WIPs – I started my Amélie some time ago, before our trip to the Lake District, and have really been enjoying it. See the project (ahem) having a glass of wine above Lake Windemere:

Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND

As usual, Gudrun’s pattern is clear and well written! I had a couple of moments of textual doubt as something clever was suggested, then realised that if I trust the pattern, Gudrun will get me there in style! (It is a bit sad that I have gotten to the point of mistrusting a designer’s words due to mistakes in other patterns I have worked with!)
Amelie in Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND

Being me (lazy) I waffled a little at first over whether or not to go with a straight  Long Tail cast-on or to actually follow Gudrun’s suggestion of alternating German Twisted and Long Tail. Thankfully I forced myself not to take a short cut and therefore learned 2 valuable things.

  1. I have been doing a German Twisted cast on instead of Long Tail for the last who knows how many months! I have no idea how long it has been. hah!
  2. German Twisted gives a purl bump, Long Tail gives you knit. How clever is that??

So the edging of your ribbing on this project matches. It is this kind of attention to detail that makes me love Gudrun’s patterns. Everything is so carefully considered and well thought through.

I dyed up some FALKLAND – merino/bamboo 4-ply for this in a deep, saturated emerald I’ve called ‘Darwin’ and am loving the richness of saturated colour.
Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND in Darwin

I don’t normally go for such pure brights in my own knits as I favour greyed tints, but it has been quite fun for a bit of a change. Below is a detail of the clever waist shaping:
Kettle Yarn Co. FALKLAND in Darwin

I’ve added some to the shop and will tell you more about this squishy blend when I feature the yarn in a later post.

I am hoping to get a few more yarns up on Etsy this weekend and will send out a message to the mailing list when they are up. Don’t forget to email me to sign up and get  15% off your first order…

*afternote: someone just told me that when they saw the colour they could smell the outdoors! How fabulous is that???