Autumn knitting help?

I am still finishing up my Boardwalk and Naloa, but can’t help but look to the next project as autumn knitting is in full swing. It is just that time of year!

I think I must be suffering a bit of decision fatigue as am having to make a lot of choices for the new house and just can’t decide which project should come next. A little help anyone?

Here are my choices:
The crew neck striped Japan Sleeves or the cardigan Old Romance by Joji Locatelli. I love both of these patterns and think my perfect garment might be a blend of the two – a crew neck cardigan with the lace sleeves in BEYUL. Possibly striped with yurt and a dark charcoal or navy.

Linnae Pullover in some bouncy WIMBLEDON or the joyously cabled Oranmore by Bristol Ivy in WALTHAM Aran. Both are a draw for different reasons. I have been wanting to do another colourwork jumper for autumn, but am also wanting a thickly cabled something to block out the sharp sea wind now that I am by the seaside.

I’ve been telling myself that I really need a new cardigan but then keep getting distracted by all the pretty things I am seeing! So as a compromise there is the lovely convertible Aurys by Svetlana Volkova that can be worn as a top OR a cardi – sort of killing 2 birds with one stone, but with quite a bit of open YO’s that might be a bit too cool for the coming months, even in DK.

Think this would be perfect in WALTHAM DK, though, and go really well with the amazing Japanese fabric I picked up at The Village Haberdashery with this Colette pattern on the yarn crawl Saturday (more on that later).

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 22.52.05

But I still can’t quite decide.

What do you think, and what are you casting on for autumn?


Soggy recap

I have been wearing the hell out of my Dragonflies jumper since finishing it in March. This thing really has been worth its weight in gold as the weather has been freezing in the UK and it has been keeping me warm nearly daily.

We had an unusually bright day on Monday so I managed to get it photographed after giving it a good shave to make it look fresh again.
dragonflies_jumper_Kettle_Yarn_ Co
Unfortunately the weather turned back to cold and wet the next day so I haven’t been able to get some decent photos of my Silver Bells, which now is completely finished with shell buttons. The best I could do was this low light blurred mess below!

Let’s all pretend it is a ‘romantic shot’, k?  😉

Behind the scenes

So we didn’t get much more light, but I wanted to take some photos of this on for my Dragon-fly project page so just got on with it. Apologies for the slight graininess of the photos. Still dealing with low light London winter conditions!

dragonflies jumper
stockinette seam – I added 10 stitches under the arm for a bit more boxiness in the body.
And just so you all don’t think I am taking this too seriously – here is a full body shot so you can see what I am actually wearing. Fashion plate that I am. hah! 
(like the slippers and hat combo? That’s right, ALL class, baby.)  ;-D

Done and dusted

12 days… 12 DAYS!!!

I just entered the end date on my Dragonflies Ravelry project page and saw that I actually managed to knit this whole thing in … yup – 12 days. I am all of the following: awed  amazed  proud  pleased…and a little disturbed.dragons
Just a little, mind. I accept that I can be very single minded when I have a project on the burner, but wonder if this last one was all that healthy an obsession as I begged, borrowed and stole time to finish this as quickly as I could. I have lived and breathed almost nothing but this sucker and Netflix for the last nearly 2 weeks. My wrists ache and my brain has been numbed by the ‘om’ of following a lace chart!

That said, I currently had the satisfaction of looking out just now to see that it is STILL snowing. Yup. In March. (has the world gone mad?) But this means that – hooray- I will get some good wear out of this before it is time to put it away for the season, which is exactly what I was after. It has been freakin freezing in this old house the last couple weeks and this jumper is thick, warm and cosy.

The bamboo stitch that I used on the back makes a thick, heavily textured fabric in the spongy merino aran. I will definitely use this again, and you can see below how it creates an almost lacey effect between the ribs which would be enhanced in a thinner yarn with larger needles. Something to play with in future.
On the back panel it is simple and beautiful while having the intended effect of breaking up the drawing in effect of the lace pattern so I could have my intended boxier fit.
I have to say, I really like the way my dye job on the yarn shows up on the lace pattern. Exactly what I was after – slight colour variation for interest that doesn’t obscure the lace stitch but enhances the cables:
Surprisingly I even like it in the stockinette! It grew on me the more I looked at it as the sleeves grew.
I did my usual of knitting the sleeves two at a time and ended up doing a few other simple modifications to the pattern – adding sleeve length and more decreases to the wrist dimension +1″, and 2×2 rib for all edges as it felt more appropriate in the thick aran wool. (The i-cord would have been too thick, and I don’t generally care too much for garter edgings.)sleeves
Frankly, this pattern has been such an unexpected, breezy joy!

The process was more meditative than I have ever, yet, experienced thanks to the clarity of the pattern -so clear and well written with detailed explanations and charts for the different sizes. This experience has renewed my faith in purchased patterns (which were nearly quashed by the previous and noxious Picard), and I will definitely be checking out more of Joji’s patterns in the near future. I highly recommend. This pattern made me feel like a confident and experienced knitter.

I can’t say enough good things about it right now! Yay!