Blue Pictsies and other fantastical bits

Some of you may have already seen the 2 new colourways in WIMBLEDON Sport  in Friday’s shop update:

Blue Pictsies                                                            Fenland

Anyone who knows me knows how I agonise over naming things. It is something that doesn’t come easy to me and in the past I have taken years to get the absolutely perfect name for a painting!

Lately I have been rereading the whole Terry Pratchett Discworld series and have always loved the Nac Mac Feegle characters in the books. A tiny, blue smurf-like creature these ‘blue pictsies’ are overseen by a level-headed matriarch, speak with a Glaswegian-like brogue and are a fiesty, trouble making bunch that always make me laugh.   (not least because my partner is a fiesty Scot himself!)

I decided to name these new colourways in homage to the group….


Wee Free Men – Paul Kidby illustration

The green is the kind of landscape I picture them in filled with green fields and mysterious cairns.


Fenland marshes

I have done a couple of interviews in the last couple of weeks and am also helping out some friends with photos, so am feeling very exposed online right now. There is something truly nerve-wracking about having your image and part of your personal story in such a public forum, but I am trying to get myself over the cringe and get out there!

You can read the blog interviews here if you are so inclined:

Zoe – Things Wot I Have Made – now based in Australia
Sarah – Knit York City –  New York (of course!)
(thanks again ladies!)

I will save the photos for another post so I have a bit more time to ‘gird my loins’ for the unveiling! ;-D