Thank you Unwind Brighton!

I have been trying to find a way to describe the wonder that was Unwind Brighton all week and find that words just can’t describe the amazing time I had!  I met such incredible people and a good number of online lovelies from as far away as Tennessee! A darling new friend also brought me chocolates from Brussels!! (pardon the blurry shot, my hands were a bit shakey as I was so excited to crack them open. Thanks again Cissi!) 😉


A HUGENORMOUS thank you to everyone who came by and said hello and took time out to play with me for a bit. It was such a pleasure! I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.

The booth was incredibly busy and I hardly had time to take any shots, but luckily my partner, Jason, took a few in the beginning:


It was such a huge and humbling pleasure to see how excited people were getting about my babies and I had to shake myself time and time again to keep hopping and stop watching everyone squish! You were all so kind!


The fair was a HUGE success and even got mentioned in the IndependentDani and the team really outdid themselves with their very first event!

There were such an unbelievable number of people I’d always wanted to meet there – Rachel, CissiJoji, Helen, AimeeBristol, KariYsolda, Kate, Felicia, Cathrin, Victoria, Dieuwke, Asti….and so many others I’ve probably missed here! It was truly difficult not to be a fan-girl, and I tried my very, very hardest not to be annoyingly starstruck – all Canadian-style, eh? (Vancouverites, at any rate, pride themselves on not showing they are starstruck. We DO live in ‘Hollywood North’, after all! hah) It was tough, let me tell you!

And it was SUCH a pleasure to catch up with old friends as well. I loved that people were describing it as ‘Ravelry in real life’, as that is what it felt like – all these people I know from Rav in the flesh! FAB….and they were/are all even more lovely and amazing in real life, too!

I even got to host the winning design competition shawl that was in the programme-  Curious Handmade’s beautiful Pebble Beach Shawlette at the booth. For those of you interested the KAL has officially kicked off! And for those of you that weren’t able to make it last weekend, the pattern is now available online. Knit in only one skein of WESTMINSTER, it is shown here in colourway ‘Gold Rush’:


image © Curious Handmade

I was lucky enough to wear it for a brief moment and have to say it is glorious! It fits beautifully over the shoulders and the ends ruffle down the front like in the photo above. Truly a lovely knit! I am getting more of the blend in this week and will have more colourways in shop next week and at Fibre East at the end of the month.

I was a little bleary by the time Pom Pom Quarterly’s Shindig kicked off on the Saturday evening, but they had arranged a brilliant knitting pub quiz that had us all scratching our heads and laughing. Nice work once again, ladies!

Here is a photo of the ever-gorgeous Lydia and Meghan reading out the answers to the quiz:

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 22.36.09

image from Instagram (please let me know if this was yours as I can no longer find the original in the stream!!)

I feel that no matter what I say it will be completely inadequate to describe the wonder and joy had by all, so will just end this with a thank you to all who made this weekend so wonderful…you know who you are. ;*