Waterlily unveiled

I haven’t had any time at all as I prepare for Wonderwool next weekend to take an official shot of my finished Waterlily, but had a friend take a quick phone pick at the shop the other day so you all could see it is done in time for the show!


Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes in ISLINGTON Vestige

It is truly beautiful, if I do say so myself. I actually sighed with joy as I slid it on the first time…it feels divine! ;-D

I am previewing a few new Islington autumn colourways at the show next week if any of you are planning to attend. Hoping you can let me know what you think.

See you there!


A lily by any other hue

A lily by any other hue

As you all may have gathered already I have been a little obsessed with Waterlily lately and spent ages agonising over which colour to pick for mine! I wanted to pick something other than the glowing Pom green to show a different version than  the beautiful one in Pompom Quarterly.

I’d thought I’d share part of my decision making process with you if any of you are having the same dilemma! I have a bit of a habit of mocking up the garment in Photoshop and playing with the hue/saturation until something strikes me as ‘right’.

Here were my choices:

clockwise from top left: ChambrayLight Squirrelly, VestigeBlightyOld Smoke,  Barkerville – click on image in gallery for detail views – photo credit: Juju Vail and Pom Pom Quarterly, though shonky colour editing is ALL me. ;-D

I had to forcibly steer myself away from the greys and compromised by picking the lightest of the 3 – the featured image in Vestige – which has a shimmer of blue in it, as I think it will look great against olive skin in the summer!

Which one is your favourite?


The time has come and Pompom Quarterly’s beautiful Issue 8 is now for sale!

I am particularly over excited this time as this issue features my ISLINGTON fingering on the front cover! The gorgeous lace top pictured below is Waterlily by the lovely Meghan Fernandes, Pompom co-founder. I am so thrilled to see the design knit up after only having heard about it!

The new hue – Pom – is  a refreshing mint green, barely tipped over the edge of turquoise so still glinting slightly of blue in different lights!

I love that Meghan has managed to highlight how great of an all-around-performer ISLINGTON’s BFL/Silk blend is through her design, showing off its well-balanced 4-ply structure working equally well at more complex lace stitches as with simple stockinette.
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.58.58
The top takes only 2-3 skeins of yarn and looks to be a fairly quick knit. I cast on Friday and am already well into the body! It is a relief to be knitting fingering again after over a month with Aran weight!

Pom was added to the shop Sunday, along with a number of new colours in the ISLINGTON blend, and some more stock on existing colourways:

Clockwise from top left –
Vestige, Light Squirrelly (new colour), BlightyOld Smoke,  Light Median, Chambray (new colour), Gold Dust, Felix.


(*a big thank you to the talented Juju Vail, who has kindly allowed me to use the photographs from Pompom!)