THE jumper

For the last while I have been an ardent fan of The Killing…not least for THE jumper!

I just watched the last, carefully hoarded episode a couple nights ago and can’t believe it is over. Oh please Birger, say its not so! (Though I did notice he has a project coming out soon in the UK, it just won’t be the same without Sofie Gråbøl.)

Though I just read an interview with her that makes me feel better about the ending (if you haven’t yet seen the last episode, don’t read the interview!).

Actually, thinking back a year ago when I started my knitting obsession, THE sweater may have been one of the top reasons I started to knit! I want one. I still haven’t tried colourwork, but the second I master it I plan to get my ‘Sarah Lund’ on!

Maybe for next xmas – a red and white one, as I really want a christmas jumper. I like the tradition of it. Something you pull out every year to mark an occasion.

Like the lovely (though slightly scary) couple below, wearing their matching set – dig that pompadour!:

Oh! I just thought of this..maybe I will re-watch The Killing every year, as well! How great a tradition would that be, wearing my Sarah Jumper? No smarmy xmas TV for this household!

Alright, enough of my dark delusions, and back to the christmas punch.

Happy holidays everyone!