Onwards and upwards

On to the next project.

I started knitting Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark’s Girl Friday…on Friday! Then realised the lace would be too cold for the thick jumper I was after. (I want something even warmer than my Aidez. Our place is just too cold in the winter and has already started to feel sub-zero!). Also, after going through all the projects, I decided I don’t really like the clunky way it  seams up on the shoulders – looks a bit boxy and squarish….

…and on the back, where it creates a line straight across the back and as a  result drops the shoulder seam behind where it should be. The pattern just seems a little wonky.

So here we go again. I am modifying it and cobbling other elements in.

I am modelling the shape off this Toast jumper. Longer with long rib sleeves, a larger shawl collar and higher buttons. With cables. Of some sort. Somehow. Am sort of making it up as I go along (who was it that called my knitting approach ‘ a bit rainman’??! hah).

I love working with the sumptuous organic merino/silk aran blend I am using. It is thick, silky soft with a hint of coolness from the silk that gives it a slight sheen as well. So beautiful in the natural colour! I am a sucker for winter white, and this yarn is a pleasure to hold.

Can’t wait for this one to be done, so I can shroud myself in it and feel luxurious!

There  are my sleeves above with the start of my cables…knit two at a time in the round! What fun. It is so much easier than I feared. I am never doing two of one thing separately again!

Check out a great how to video  here! Learn the technique. You will love it.