Taking the plunge

I have been so inspired by reading about the sewing projects that pop up on my regular blog reads that I am taking the plunge – properly this time.

No off the cuff skirts or free form alterations, as in past… I am going legit and have bought a pattern, Wiksten’s Tova.

image Wiksten

I am hoping that the last year+ of constant knitting has instilled me with more patience and that after many lacklustre and frustrating attempts in the past, will be able to pull it off this time

I picked up this length of vintage linen, below, while at the seaside a few weeks ago and the plan is to sew a sleeveless linen smock/shirt/shift-y dress. I plan to make a few alterations to make this a simpler, and therefore hopefully more successful, first attempt.
tova linen
I am going to use the wrong side of the fabric for the body of the dress and the brighter, printed side for the yoke and pockets. (I really love the faded ‘palimpsest’ effect of the dye soaking through the fabric and was drawn to the fabric when it was inside out! It is a faded orange and purple-ish grey that shimmers delicately together and reminds me of my favourite intaglio print from my undergrad)

Below is the pattern being pieced together as I bought the digital version online.
I might actually finish this one! Fingers crossed.

A huge thank you to Gail, JoKristin and Karen for help and the gentle kick in the ‘seat area’ to give sewing another try through their inspiring projects and posts! And Gail – a big, huge thank you for pointing this pattern out as a slightly easier option than the Merchant & Mills Dress Shirt pattern I have been eyeing up for over a year!