Kensington Purples

This week’s shop update Introduces a new fingering yarn base that I’ll be carrying semi-regularly…
  • 70% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester
  • 20% Silk
  • 10% Cashmere
  • 437 yards (400 meters)/ 100 grams (3.53 ounces)

Shown above in my recently completed Marin shawl the yarn blend is slightly crisp, with a lovely drape and the added opulence and warmth from the softest cashmere. A nice plump fingering with a 3-ply construction, the yarn definition on this blend is divine! Details virtually pop – as you can see on the cable and ribbing above! You can see a detail shot of the cable on my project page.

I have really taken to this blend and have been knitting a Folded in it for the last week+ which is going quite quickly, thanks to the train ride to Yarndale I am already at the arms (will be knitting them top down to make the most of my 2 skein project):

Kettle Yarn Co. KENSINGTON Folded

As you can see, there is less drape with this yarn than the Islington I used in my Relax, as it has less silk. This makes for warmer garments for winter – especially with the added insulation trapped in the cashmere pluff!

The following description is from its new Ravelry page:

Uptown without the attitude, this lightweight blend is versatile and strong with added opulence and warmth from the softest cashmere – a luxurious choice for everyday items, next to skin wear and precious accessories.With its high percentage of 100% British SW Bluefaced Leicester this yarn is hardwearing, low pilling and long lasting. 20% silk adds subtle sheen and depth of colour, while 10% cashmere gives it a buttery halo and insulating warmth. Its 3 ply structure is ideal for lace and cables as details pop in this yarn with a crisp roundness. This superwash blend is perfect for heirloom baby items, as it can also be popped in a delicate machine wash. However it STILL spit splices – the best of both worlds!

Vigorously wear tested, this yarn holds an amazing ‘3 shaves’ on Kettle Yarn Co.’s Wear Grading Chart – which means it will only pill lightly the first few times worn and will shave completely clean with no damage to fibres.

Hand-washing or machine soaking and spinning is recommended.

Below are the two colourways added to the shop this weekend:

Brunswick – a rich, dark blue/purple with faint green accents

Campden – a warm grey/purple

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Thanks to everyone who has been sharing their projects and thoughts on the Kettle Yarn Co. Ravelry group and reviews on Etsy and the yarn info pages. These really help me out and it is also such good fun seeing the projects that are starting …and can’t wait to see the finished ones!

I’ve also really been enjoying the pattern suggestions and have added quite a number of new items to my ever-growing queue, as a result! Thanks ladies!

Join us if you haven’t already…!


4 thoughts on “Kensington Purples

  1. oh dear. why are you doing this? you are so gorgeous, and your knits too, and then there are your yarns. i am going to have to take more days at work. i want everything you show, and i want to knit everything you make. this must stop (he hee).

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