New season = new knits

Now that some of you have had a chance to experience ISLINGTON‘s gloriousness in the flesh, here are a few more newly released design suggestions for upcoming warm weather knit planning. These both call for sport weight yarns but could easily be done in fingering for the same or similar gauge.
This tank is well oversized starting at 371/4″ for its smallest size! Using fingering would be an easy way to get it a titch smaller (something I am planning!) without too much fuss.


A huge shawl, I would personally use the same needle size and have a slightly airier wrap for summer!
What are you casting on for summer?

A little Parisian tea, anyone?

I have another amazing announcement this week…


If you are in Paris you can now buy ISLINGTON in France at the beautiful L’OisiveThé, Salon de Thé in the 13eme arrondissement!


clockwise from top – TWIST in Cheeky, ISLINGTON  in Vestige and Soot… image credit: Debbie Chase

Visit Aimée’s beautiful shop for a cuppa and some yarn browsing on the historic Rive Gauche.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 16.59.34

Do you need a better excuse for a day trip to my favourite city?

Fountains of yarn

Just saw this the other day and wanted to share…

Image credit: Angela Wright

If you are in the London area at all until April 19th, make sure you swing by Southwark Cathedral near London Bridge to check out this massive yarn waterfall installation by Angela Wright.

You can read more about the piece in this interview on the Campaign for Wool website. Pretty fab, no?

A little Loop-y!

Some of you have already seen this big announcement, but now that it has officially gone live I wanted to let you all know that the lovely Loop in London is now carrying some of my ISLINGTON range…and in the borough of Islington itself! How perfect is that? ;-) loop

The shop is a treasure trove of yarn and other amazing goodies and a mere block away from Angel tube station, so quite easy to reach. You can check out a little interview I did with the amazing Sophie for their blog and see some more images of the yarns, along with some shots of a lovely new sample knit up for the shop in Light Squirrelly:


This gorgeous wrap is Stones and Stripes by Nancy Bush for Brooklyn Tweed, and the sample is STUNNING. If you are in the area drop by the shop to fondle it…it is amazing (it isn’t completely immodest to say so, as I neither designed the shawl nor knit it!). Kettle_Yarn_Co_ISLINGTON_Light_Squirrelly_stones_ sml Using less than 2 skeins, this is a pretty quick knit. As soon as I saw it I decided I really needed one…the easy Estonian nupps are just perfect in ISLINGTON and look like a row of ribbon shimmering up the wrap. To paraphrase Ms. KnitBritish (Louise) from a review she did on TWIST on her podcast a while back, this shawl truly looks like liquid metal in the flesh. So glamourous and such a perfect transitional piece to take you from spring into summer as it can be wound around the neck as a thick scarf or draped over the shoulders like a wrap. Kettle_Yarn_Co_ISLINGTON_stones_and_stripessm Squish it now at Loop…! Note: I’ve just discovered that all the Light Squirrelly has already sold out at Loop, but you can get it in my Etsy shop for the time being until it is restocked in store.

Praying to the Holy Lace Gods


Things were looking so positive for finishing my Waterlily  this weekend. I’d already frogged a number of times on the lace and decided to frog back the entire back panel to get to a mistake I’d made early on when I was learning the lace chart…but the trauma was over and I was in home stretch. I was determined that I would get everything left done and dusted on Sunday and could start my next project.

Or so I thought until I steam blocked the front and back panels in order to graft the shoulders and saw this:


WTF? Holy Lace Gods, why have you let me down again? What have I done to deserve this??? Well, apparently I missed a row on one side and somehow also managed to mess up the decreases on the left neck! Arrrgh!

Top shows what it SHOULD look like, and bottom is my madness:

Kettle_Yarn_Co_ISLINGTON_Waterlily_neck2 copy

So I frogged. Again. I don’t know what it is with me and lace sometimes. It feels as though I have a complete inability to follow charts at times… and the attention span of a gnat. Sigh.

(sorry gnats – you might even be doing better than me on this front!)


Who doesn’t love a lookbook?

Happy official Spring all!! ;-)

Inspired by Bristol’s beautiful new lookbook, I decided to try and create my own to show all of you the new shades of Islington. I uploaded a few new colours in Fridays shop update if you missed them… Smokin’ Peach and Lotus:

It took a bit of trial and error (read heavily on the ERROR part) but I finally managed to get the lookbook live. Wheee!

*cue drumroll*


You can download the full lookbook to flip through!

Other hues to follow as I get them dyed up!

Show me your poms!

A little something to brighten up your Monday morning…

I don’t have a lot of time to troll my beloved blogosphere lately so was WAY chuffed (little British-ism there for you non-Brits!) to get this link sent to me by the lovely Dirtymartini104 from the Mr Printables blog… a tutorial on how to make fabulous pom pom FRUIT.

You could use TWIST skeins for these as I have many colours of these smaller skeins needed in stock… If you don’t see a colour you need just email me as I have more in the studio that I haven’t had time to list just yet.

(Thanks again Alison!)

Wheel o’ yarn

Wheel o’ yarn

I have been working very hard to get some new warm colourways added to the ISLINGTON line up for spring and have some juicy spring hues to add to the ones you’ve already seen.


I’ll be getting everything photographed and ready to post on the shop for the next update in a few weeks.

If you’d like to be among the first to see the new colours, don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter for a preview and first dibs on the yarns!

Waterlily KAL (knit along with us!)

Waterlily KAL (knit along with us!)

I’ve been waiting for others to catch up on the Waterlily in the hopes that we can finish the knit together but have run out of patience!  The Latvian braid was much simpler and less fussy than I’d always assumed it would be, as it looks so intricate – a breeze really, and very satisfying as it is so pretty.

I  finished the  braid that separates the body from the lace on our break and have been trying to hold off while others catch up…but I just can’t wait to get this finished  anymore! To excited to wear it. ;-)


I tried to hold off a bit longer by knitting a sample of the lace in Light Squirrelly to check gauge differences in the stockinette and lace:


I found that I needed to go down a touch to make gauge, but it really wouldn’t have been an issue if I’d continued along in the same needle (4mm).

I am hoping the rest of you have gotten a bit closer. Do let me know how your progressing on the KAL page! I’d love to see progress pics in the different colours!