A little summer Relax

Started Ririko’s Relax the other day in a beautiful BFL/Silk I am testing.

I’ve been wanting to do this one for ages, but kept putting it off in order to get other projects done then decided this silvery yarn is so perfect for this pattern that I must have it NOW!

This yarn was a bit of a pleasant surprise. I’d initially earmarked it as ‘scarf/shawl’ knitting as it felt a little delicate to me with the high content of silk and I thought it wouldn’t wear very well.

How wrong was I? The BFL in this makes it a workhorse! It is super strong – takes a huge effort to break the 4ply strand – and performed exceptionallly well in my wear tests with only minimal abrasion fuzzing. And the best thing? It shaves absolutely clean with no matting or damage to the fibres beneath and after a few shaves stops fuzzing at all. A real winner. Here it is below AFTER testing and with no re-blocking or shaping whatsoever.


As new as after its virgin blocking, with no warping at all! The blend creates a light, airy, slightly ‘dry’ feeling fabric perfect for lighter knits like this pattern.

I’d initially felt that the enormous expanses of stockinette were a bit daunting, but am finding it the perfect summer garden knitting in this yarn! Look at how far I got over the weekend:

Not bad, eh?

I am having a dilemma that occurs to me quite a bit, though. I keep looking at the reverse (purl) side and thinking I like it better than the RS.Kettle_Yarn_Co_relax

Am currently thinking of reversing the body and having stockinette sleeves for a little contrast. Sounds good, no? Slightly ‘Humanoid‘. YUM.

Humanoid ‘flowers’ cardigan


10 thoughts on “A little summer Relax

  1. This is what I love about making my own clothes – I can just decide what I like best and then make it happen! I love the idea of contrast sleeves, which would offer some subtle interest to an otherwise smooth knit.

  2. No wrong choices here! Either way its beautiful. But then my own “wanting to be different” mind would not only have to tweek it but it could say… “Hmmm, most will be making this pattern as is. If I switch the purls to the front, it will be MINE! All MINE!” 😉

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